Sunday, September 8, 2013

PTA fundraiser ideas and a printable.

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We have a wonderful PTA. We work hard to send each class on a field trip, increase technology in each classroom, and support our teachers and show them how much we care. This year we have decided to do away with kids selling products in favor of other fundraisers. I am thrilled! They are going to be fantastic!
This is what we are planning:
1- A Flea Market sale
2- Our annual Halloween Carnival
3- Santa's Sweet Gift Shop
4- Penny Wars
5- Fun run/walk
We have done the middle 3 yearly but added the other 2 this year.
I am in charge of the Flea Market and I couldn't be more excited with how it is going. We hope to turn it into an annual event. I wanted to have 80 spaces 'rented' and have so far gotten over 60 with 3 weeks left. The PTA is renting the parking spaces to those with yard sale goods, homemade crafts, or small businesses. We have such a variety of vendors already signed up. From DoTerra, Tupperware, and Pauperauzzi, to Custom concrete, Maxi skirts, and homemade treats. All the money the vendors make is theirs to keep. Our money comes from the space rental making it a win/win deal. Now to pray the weather holds. I think I will be getting quite a bit of Christmas shopping done myself.

Although we have done the Santa shop in the past we decided to stock it ourselves. We felt the company we used in the past charged too much for...well...basically junk. As frugal moms we just couldn't handle our kiddos paying for useless junk. We thought we could do better. So over the past year we have shopped after season clearance sales, made crafts and requested donations. I think it is going to be so much better. We only made a small amount last year because of the large overhead. It is such a great time for the kids to be able to shop for their family without mom or dad that we wanted to continue it but wanted to provide better quality products for them. I have been putting together crafts big and small. I was tasked with gifts for dads, grandpas, and brothers...all the boy gifts. It made sense with 4 boys but boy gifts are a bit harder than girls and they are not found on sale as easily. Still, I have to admit it has gone well. I have more to make and need to pull out my sewing machine but we are getting there. I will let you know how well we do in December.

Last year we had the Penny wars among the classes. Those little kiddos brought in over $1500 in coins from their piggy banks! How awesome is that. A little healthy competition can go a long way. The bonus was just watching all the kids get excited to see their jars fill up. This year we found a couple of spiral wishing wells that will add to our penny wars. We plan to have "vs" wars with them. For example iphone vs android, vote for your favorite. Should be fun. Besides ya gotta admit those funnels are just cool to watch.

Our other new fundraiser this year is the fun run/walk. It will be our spring event. Although I am not a runner races are always a great way to build support. 

Our Halloween Carnival is our biggest event. It is a huge undertaking but the kids and community love it! After all what is Halloween without a school carnival. ;-)

I will keep you posted on the success of our adventures. We are also working on grants and bigger company programs like box tops, Walmart, and Target gift cards. What are some of the fundraising events you have had success with? I would love to hear your ideas. Our parents have been thrilled with the idea of not selling products. This momma included!

I thought I would share a printable freebie. This is the sign I made up for our Flea Market. Hope you have fun using it too. Just click on the photo to download.

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