Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our love of Legos....

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 We love Lego's!
We do. 
The boys (dad included) will spend hours building, creating and imagining. We always give Lego sets for birthdays and Christmas. Ok, sometimes even just because. The Lego creators continue to come up with some of the most amazing sets. The boys always put them together...then over time they get taken apart. We keep all the instructions on a hook ready to be used again but lately the boys have been flexing their own creative minds to build sets of their own.
 I love to see their latest creations. 
Mr. Josh, who aspires to be a chief, built his Lego kitchen.
 Don't get in the way of chief preparing his feast.
Santa even made a stop for Mr Tyler.
Lego's are great for boys (and girls). 
They stimulate the mind. 
They help develop math skills. 
They build creativity. 
They encourage problem solving.
Most importantly...
Mom's beware. 
If you want a few moments of peace and quiet let your kiddos get lost in the Lego world. They last forever and endure all the abuse little boys can give. They do however, provide a bit of torture of their own. If you have even stepped on a Lego, you know just what I mean. And may I suggest wearing an apron with pockets while vacuuming.
Keep an eye out for sales. They don't go on sale a lot so stock up when they do.
 Stash them away for future gifts.
You will score big time mom points!
(just sharing our love of Lego's, no incentive required)
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrapping 101 tutorial...

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 Growing up I always helped to wrap gifts.
Gifts for the family.
Gifts for friends.
Even gifts my friends planned to give.
I thought it was easy and I enjoyed doing it.
I loved all the wrapping and the bows and ribbons. 
I loved seeing them all stacked up pretty, waiting to be tucked under the tree.
 I still wrap lots of gifts. Just not as many for others to give.
My sweet hubby does a good job but he doesn't enjoy it like I do. He usually helps by going back and forth to the tree, filling out the tags or just keeping me company. I love the time that it gives us as a couple to talk and be together. The boys don't dare interupt or they may loose a gift or two. ;-p
Anyway, I thought I would share a step by step on how to wrap a gift. Boxes are easy but when you don't have a box it can get tricky. So gather your supplies:
wrapping paper
name tags
Lets get started!

Here we have a lovely apron and cookbook. Shhh, can't tell which family member this is for.
 The first step is to measure the paper. The ends should overlap just a bit. Then cut the roll.
 I like to secure the paper to the gift. Then I can pull it taut without it moving. Side one, folded fold the other side over....
 Hey, we are getting there. Now for the ends. This is where it can get a bit tricky without the box. I smooth down the edges then fold the corner down to meet the end of the gift. See......
 Now repeat...Do that to both sides. Then all you have to do is fold the flap over the end.
 When you are done with both ends you get to add your favorite ribbon.
 One of the easiest ways is to wrap the ribbon around the corners. Hold one corner with your thumb while you wrap. Go under by your thumb and come up at the opposite corner.
 Secure your ribbon. Add a bow.
Don't forget the tag!
See, you did it! A simple, lovely wrapping job. 
Now get the rest of them wrapped. Santa Claus is coming!
                                                                  Merry Christmas!!!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Small things tied up with string...

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We have several smaller gifts to give this year. 
I found these fantastic little boxes at the $1 store. 
They are great for small gifts or even gift cards. 
I tucked a neck cooler inside for family. 
Then just fold the ends in and your done!
If you want to add a personal touch you can change the ribbon it comes with for something of your own.
Fast, simple cute.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Window lights secret revealed....

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I love Christmas! I do! I love everything about this time of year, the hustle, the bustle, the jingle bells, presents, and the LIGHTS!

My sweet hubby has learned by now that one thing that is sure to score him some brownie points is helping put up the lights. He does the outside while I do this inside.

I remember as a little girl laying at the foot of my top bunk bed and falling asleep to the flashing of the lights outside. We always put lights inside our windows too. It took at least a roll of tape per window to get those lights to stick to the frost covered windows.

Thankfully we don't have to use quite so much tape anymore. Just a few strategically placed clips and have great window lights.
My secret?
Command hooks. Yep, I love 'em!
I found these small clear clips this year. You hardly even see them.
They hook to the wire which helps if you have to adjust a bit. I used 8 on each window pane.
Just stick them to to window then clip the wire in. They are really strong. Then come off easily after the holidays. I used them last year too but I love the smaller size of these. Definently worth the couple bucks.
Plus you just get new sticky tabs and reuse the hooks next year.....hmmm I should buy stock in command hooks. I use them all the time.
(I received no compensation for this, just my $0.02 worth ;-)
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Onsie Cupcakes Gift Idea

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 My sweet friend is finally having another little one. She has been wanting another baby for several years but it finally happened. They are adding a little boy to their home. With a house of boys I know just what she has in store. Hold on lady, it's gonna be a ride....a FUN one!

I usually give a basket of goodies for a new mom but with the holidays and my work schedule lately I just didn't get it together so I went to Pinterest to find some new inspiration.

A box of sweet!

These of course would not be your ordinary cupcakes however. Instead of edible they are wearable.
Club Chica Circle has a great tutorial on just how to do it.
In all my excitement (and trying to hurry) I forgot to take pictures of the rolling process, oops. I used 3 onsies and 3 pants. I just rolled the pants together to make the last cupcake. It's a bit bigger than the others but the effect is still there.

She loved it!

Welcome home little man! You are already loved more than you know.
Congrats Millie! You are in for awesome times....get your lego's ready mom!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chemical free cleaning success

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 I have seen this recipe all over pinterest. After working so very much lately my housework has fallen behind, especially my showers. So what better time to give it a try. 
Equal parts white vinegar and blue Dawn. 
Don't know why the specify blue Dawn but it needs to be the original. 
Warm the vinegar and mix it in with the dawn.
 A while back I picked up a large brush just for my showers. It is so much nicer for the larger areas.
 Just spray it on. You can wait a bit but I just set in running the scrubber over the tile. I am not feeling well today so trust me, I wasn't exactly "scrubbing". Can you see the difference?!
Ok, here is a better picture. No more yucky soap scum. I love my tile color cuz it hides the scum pretty well but my nose can tell. (I am allergic to soap scum, go figure)
This kind of improvement without much effort at all, perhaps just 5 minutes, and definitely no elbow grease. Yeah, I am a believer now. I think I will spray it on after I shower in the morning then let it sit for a bit before scrubbing.
Give it a try, let me know whatcha think.
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