Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reclaiming my space

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As life is always crazy and I now do more digital (well ALL digital) scrapbooking my paper craft table was becoming a shambles. I would rush down to make a card, label, sign or someother quick project and rush back upstairs to meet life demands. It was terrible. I love clean lines and to have everything neat and organized. "Everything in it's place" remember? So yesterday I told Robin I had to have some time to fix this problem...... I couldn't find things and that is just not ok with me. Acutally, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! So dear, darling Robin watch over things while I escaped to CLEAN! It didn't take long but the results were great...
I am still working on my cabinets from Knockoffwood. I hope to have them done this week then I can start putting supplies away a bit better. For now, this is a breath of fresh air. I guess this is just an ongoing project. I will keep you posted bit by bit. I have to focus on just 1 section at a time otherwise I will lose it. ;-) I put all my ribbon on a multi pants hanger and hung it in front of my sewing machine. FINALLY a way to keep these organized. Ahh, much better...After I was done I had space to start on my next project. Another DI deal. Here is a glimps....
Robin was a bit unsure as I collected my supplies but with it coming together he caught the vision and rather likes it. Bit by bit my space is evolving into what I have pictured in my head. This is my corner in a crazy life of blue. Hey, if I use PINK paint do you think the boys will develop an adversion to this area? Maybe keep little fingers out? -huh, yeah probably not but I can dream right?!
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Project 11 of 52 cupcake stands

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So I already posted the glass cupcake stands but I also found this at DI (Idaho and Utah's goodwill equivalent) After searching for the right vase vs. glass cup and plate for 10 minutes or so I walked around the aisle to find this....It has 3 layers but I forgot to take a picture of the whole set before I started. It was only $3! The green isn't bad but this was for BLUE and gold banquet. So...... add a little blue spray paint and...
Blue will also be useful for years to come in this house of boys. We had both of these projects set up at the dinner. I guess I didn't get a picture of them set up but they were a hit. Just a fun little touch to parties. We have 3 birthdays coming up so I plan to put them to good use. Just another DI transformation!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Scout Calendar

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This past week has been busy planning scout activities. Here is the calendar if you need one or are interested. Next month is Flying High. We have lots of fun activities planned. This week we will be having the Blue and Gold Banquet. With DH as the Cubmaster and me as the Bear Den leader, I will be doing lots to help with that as well. I scoured the DI for supplies for cupcake stands today. Found several items. Got home, worked the superglue over and VOILA.

What do you think? I think they will work well for Blue & Gold plus for the birthdays we have coming up.I also found a 3 teared stand that is green but we plan on painting it blue. Blue for B&G and for 4 boys birthday parties. Love it when you can multi-task with supplies.

Did you know about the section of "Yard" stuff at the DI? It's back off the clothes section. I found lots of goodies back there. Canning jars- $0.25, large frames, school desks, milk cans, holiday decor. Lots of good stuff. After blog surfing and seeing how things can be redone I look at DI items with whole new eyes. My sis-in-law is truely the Queen of thrift shopping. I am in envy of her $7 pressure cooker found IN THE BOX! Or what about her Victorio Strainer for $2? That paid for itself 10x over with all of our applesauce. Yep, I am an aspiring thrift store shopper. One day I will come home with an amazing find! ;-)

I am hoping to finish my next project this weekend. With working extra and the B&G I won't get much else done during the week. I am so excited. Plus I want to make an Easter garland. I also desperately need to get some organizing done in my crafty area, make a few cards for upcoming events. I only have a couple of months to get things done before it's garden time. In another couple of weeks I plan on getting my starts going so I really have to dive in and get projects done. I have an itching to do SOMETHING. Ever feel that way. I need a good before/after project.

I think I will be doing some painting soon too. Ah, so many projects, too little time.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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I'm not sure why these are loading sideways but thought I would show off the Valentines I made for the boys for school. They were a great hit. Just melt the candy cane for about 3-5 minutes the pour white chocolate in the middle and sprinkle with red sprinkles. Valentines is tricky for boys. Can't have too many hearts and frills ya know.
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Project 10 of 52: Valentines Mailboxes

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So it's after Valentines but I finally got these done. There were easy to make. The boys were excited and tried to talk mom into letting them take them to school to use- um no. This is mine. I didn't think the boys would appreciate the lace. ;-)
There are 2 dog themes, 2 hot lips, and one hearts. They are lines and have straps with buttons to hook over the railing.
I did each of the flaps a little different just to try different looks. Fun to make. I actually have one more to assemble but Matthew was being a little too helpful and I can't find one of my buttons now. He likes to sit on my box of fabric and play in my sewing draws. What would you guess he seeks out? Out of all my sewing tools? My pin cushion! I don't know what the fascination is for a pin cushion but he loves to play with that tomatoe! I just have to be careful to pick up any stray pins. Silly boy.
I think I will leave the Valentine decor up till the end of the month then put up Easter. I have more Easter decor but want to do up the mantel. I like to add a little each year so we will see what I can come up with this year. Plus, I will be organizing the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt again. It was a huge success last year and I am excited to do this again. Can you believe we are looking to Easter already? I am already thinking of gardening too. We had a great garden last year but I want to have a better one. We need beans and I am hoping to get my peas going this year. There is always something isn't there?!

Oh, and I started my craft cupboards today! I am doing this project on my own. It is exciting. I can't wait to show you! I think it is going to be FABULOUS!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

4share set up....

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So I think??? I figured out and got a 4shared account set up. Try this link here to download the Feb VT message handout. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works.....
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

VT Message

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I am hoping to do a handout for visit teaching each month. Bethany at Elegant Wordart made the word art. What do you think? If you would like a copy let me know. I will send it to you. Add a little something extra or just a magnet to the back for a daily reminder for your ladies.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things that matter most....

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Every read something or see something that just hits home? Like a ton of bricks? Yeah, like that. The kind of thing that makes you really S.T.O.P.!! and count your blessings. Count all the things you take for grantid every single day. But more than just things, the PEOPLE, that count and make you who you are.
Last night at work a co-worker shared a blog of a family in SLC whose 1 yr old had drowned in the tub and was currently in PCMC. Tonight I came across this blog. http://
Beware and have tissues closeby. Even knowing the story I cried and cried. How quickly life changes. How many times do we say, not right now; in a minute; next time; just a sec;
The list goes on but now I am stopping. If only for a moment to count my blessings. I am so thankful for the joy of boys! I have not spent enough time with them this past couple of weeks and I am feeling it. I look forward to tomarrow- my day off- and just playing! The sun is shining- it's FREEZING- but we will play and laugh and giggle and tickle and of course wrestle. Maybe some hide and seek, maybe pound on the piano. What about making cookies- ooh yummy Valentines cookies. I don't much care just as long as I can say, I love you. I have missed you. You are mine!
I am thankful for these reminders of priorities. Did I tell them I love them today? Did I give 'em a hug? A kiss? Umm, yeah. Life is too busy. It's time to slow down and just be. Be a family. A mom. A sister. A wife. A friend.
To my boys: I love you each dearly. One day you will know the joy you bring us. As you hold your own in your arms you finally understand what you have brought into our lives. I am a better person because of each of you. You are each unique. Your smile. Your voice. Your laughter. Your tears. Everything I do is for you. I dare not imagine life without you. How thankful I am that we are an eternal family. I will always be your mother.
To my wonderful husband: *sigh*!!
I do not even know what to say that expresses the love I have for you. My heart has never felt before you entered my life. You make me whole. I am thankful for your love. Your support. Your belief in me. Your ability to lift me out of dark places. I would be lost without you. I lean on you more than even I know. Thank you! For loving me unconditionally. For being my support. For knowing me and loving me inspite of it all. You are still my Prince in Shining Armor. how thankful I am for eternity. It will take me all of eternity to show you the love I have for you.
Tonight- hold your little ones. Tell them you love them. Put off saying, not now or in a minute. Put off everything else and hold those you love close. Time is a 4-lettered word. Don't let it get in the way of what matters most in life.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

All work and no play

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I am feeling the need to craft. Actually I am going through withdrawls! Last Sunday I completed 4 CTR towels, worked on my 365 project and a couple other minor projects. It was a good crafty evening. The boys played and mom crafted. Then, I had to work. By Wednesday morning, my next day off, I was getting Matthew's cold. By the time I woke from my 2 hour nap after work I felt like I'd been hit by a semi! I slept most of Wednesday and all night Wednesday. Thursday morning I still felt cruddy. I slept and lounged most of Thursday as well. By Friday I was feeling better but then I had to work Friday night again. Saturday was spent in Pocatello at a baptism. Sunday we had church then a nap, then work again. Now I am on for the next 3 nights, followed by 1 night off then 1 more night working. *sigh* It's nice to have extra come payday but I am tired of working and really want to craft, not to mention my to do list is getting longer and longer. Hopefully this week will be a good week and I will get something done and posted. After all, 2 more months and I will be starting gardening. Maybe sooner if I decide to do my own starts this year. I never have great success transitioning the starts outside when it's time to plant. hmmm, I will have to decide on that one. Hoping for a better week this week......
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