Monday, January 27, 2014

Cars Pit Pass Printable

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Project 5 of 52
I have been working on this years Pinewood Derby for my cub scouts. It is THE event of the year. I think the dads get as much of a kick out of the race as the boys do. Any of you in cubs scouts know just how true this can be. Still we have lots of fun. I decided to go with a "Cars" theme this year for our pit passes and awards. I found these award tags on Pinterest and decided to use them instead of doing new ones. Click on the picture to see the pin....
 Sooooo many great pinewood dry ideas! Treats,  awards, neckerchief slides and more!
 They are smaller than what I usually use but I plan to have a ribbon on it and the boys can put it with their pit passes. It also saves on ink and paper which was a side plus. I plan to write the boys names in and laminate them to make lanyards. Since it is always lovely to find the work already done I am sharing this printable with you. It doesn't say "cub scouts" so you can use it for birthday parties too. Just click on the picture to get to the download.
Have fun!
I used RLR creations digital kit to make the passes. You can find the digital kit HERE.
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Warm Fuzzy neckerchief slides

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Project 4 of 52
These are the neckerchief slides I made for last months pack meeting. It went perfect with my thought on warm fuzzies and our core value of compassion. I shared the story of a small villiage that gave warm fuzzies out all the time but decided to stop for fear of running out of them. Soon the villiage became cold and sad. Generations passed. One day a little boy found his grandma's hidden warm fuzzy and asked what it was. His grandma's first thought was to run and hide her warm fuzzy so no one would find it again, tucked safe away. But then she remembered the join giving and receiving her warm fuzzies gave her. She was sad to realize her grandson had never had this feeling. She shared her warm fuzzy with him. Both of them were filled with warm joy. The villiage started sharing warm fuzzies again and regained the joy they had lost.
These were so simple to put together. Just a shiny pom-pom, a 1 inch pipe cleaner, 2 smaller pom poms and a back of some sort (I use cut up milk handles). Of course don't forget the googly eyes.
My little man loved them. I had to make him a blue and red one. Such a funny kid, he played with those the rest of the day. Turns out, giving warm fuzzies really does spread warmth and joy.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pikichu hat #4

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Project 3 of 52
A couple of months ago I set out to make a special hat for Mr. Matthew. 
If you don't know who Pikachu is I have one word for you....
The pattern I found on Pinterest only had 1 size to it but said by using different needle sizes I could easily adjust the size. Well, 4 hats later I finally got one close to his size. I had to make a few more adjustments.
The other hats all went to his brothers. I finished 3 rather quickly but you have to know that my attention span with the same craft wanes over time. By the time I'd finished 3 I just drug my feet to finish the last one.
Matthew reminded me regularly that he was still waiting for his hat. 
Finally just before Christmas I finished it!
What a happy boy he was that day! Of course then mom had to listen to "Pi-ka-CHU!" for the next couple of hours. Still, it warmed my heart that he loves his hat so much. 
Gotta love that cute little man!
~oh and the hat isn't too bad either ;-)~

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Santa ornaments

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Project 2 of 52
Have you seen all the fun things you can do with pop tabs? 
The list is growing longer and longer. 
Here is another....
 They were a bit messy but easy.
Gather your tinsel, bulbs, ribbon, pop tab, and a bit of glue.
Turn on your favorite movie and enjoy while you mindlessly stuff the tinsel into the bulb. 
I tried different "tools" to help with this but ultimately it came down to my fingers. Tucking, tucking, twisting and tucking. When the bulb was full I just cut what was still sticking out the top. 
Put the cap back in place.
Then tread the ribbon through the pop tab and glue around the belly of the bulb.
See, nice and cheery.
I made several up one night while hubby watched old Star Trec episodes on Netflix.
I used these for teachers gifts this past Christmas. They all loved them.
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Tassle ornaments

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Project 1 of 52
One of the best parts of Christmas is decorating the tree and sharing stories with each of the ornaments. Ours are all from childhood, family trips, or significant events. Each year the boys get a new ornament, something that signals what that year was all about. This idea was perfect to add to our collection. Plus I already had bulbs waiting to be used up.
I ran into a couple of snags. My date tags are too big to get inside the bulb. I took it off and reattached it to the cap of the bulb on one and through the string on the other.
I was thrilled with these. So much better than having them collect dust in the closet, never to be seen and enjoyed. 
What a great way to share our memories of school with the boys. 
I had my tassel from college and my sweethearts from High School (still looking for the other 2)
Yep, I'd call that a Pinterest success!
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Kicking off 52 Projects in 52 Weeks!

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How was your holiday season? Ours was busy but great. 
We enjoyed a smaller (yet still abundant) Christmas and visiting with family.
Now I am looking to the new year. 
I am excited to restart my 52 projects. 
Last time it started out as a way to focus on my wish lists of projects. So many ideas and so little time. In the end, I found great success in just doing 1 project a week. By the end of the year I could look back at all that I had accomplished. What a great feeling! As a obsessive list maker it felt good to see my completed projects and check them off the list.
 That was in 2010.....I miss it.
More than I realized.
So this year, 2014, I am revisiting my 52 projects in 52 weeks challenge.
All those fantastic ideas on Pinterest.....
and all the failures as well....
I am going to tackle them and share my results with you....
1 week at a time. Join me for another grand adventure!
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