Monday, January 6, 2014

Santa ornaments

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Project 2 of 52
Have you seen all the fun things you can do with pop tabs? 
The list is growing longer and longer. 
Here is another....
 They were a bit messy but easy.
Gather your tinsel, bulbs, ribbon, pop tab, and a bit of glue.
Turn on your favorite movie and enjoy while you mindlessly stuff the tinsel into the bulb. 
I tried different "tools" to help with this but ultimately it came down to my fingers. Tucking, tucking, twisting and tucking. When the bulb was full I just cut what was still sticking out the top. 
Put the cap back in place.
Then tread the ribbon through the pop tab and glue around the belly of the bulb.
See, nice and cheery.
I made several up one night while hubby watched old Star Trec episodes on Netflix.
I used these for teachers gifts this past Christmas. They all loved them.
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