Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Patio Swing Redo....

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About 10 yrs ago my wonderful parents gave us a lovely patio swing for Christmas. We have enjoyed it so much. Long summer hours swinging with my boys, reading a book, or just watching them play. It's such a comfortable swing.
Remember when I recovered the cushions last summer?
Well, shortly after finishing them my dear son ran and jumped on the swing in a frantic attempt to escape the puppy chasing him. A lot of laughing ended in WOAH!
After so many years of weathering the canvas base lost it's strength and split in two. Thankfully the cushions protected his knees from the cement.
The swing was showing wear in other places as well.....
I decided to put it aside until this spring. I just couldn't get myself to toss it. It still had great bones and just needed a little TLC. Besides my growing urge to recycle.
I checked on new canvas but realized a canvas drop cloth would be cheaper than fabric from the bolt. Plus, it would be already hemmed. After a few rough measurements I finished sewing slots for the bars to slid into. Unfortunately I learned the base to the swing have been welded together. I was able to take the back bar apart and thread the fabric through the opening I had sewn. The rest of it would have to be hand stitched. It wasn't too bad. I just spent the evening on the floor watching t.v. while I stitched. My biggest concern was the strength of the stitch. I used full strength cross stitching thread. Then crossed my fingers and reassembled everything.
Ahh, much better!
The rusted frame was an easy fix with a bit of spray paint. I used a textured paint that dear hubby likes better than the original. My dear friends came over and we visited while he swung gently on the swing. Yep, it survived. He gave it a good test run. Thanks Jeff!
My cushions are faded pretty good already but it is still comfy.
Now Mr. M can join mom on the swing during the hot summer weather- I'm determined summer IS coming!
The swing is always SAFE!
Yep, there's still many more years of enjoyment in this lovely patio swing. 
Gotta show it off...
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  1. Your swing project was just what i needed to see! I have the same swing. Do you know the manufacturer of the swing?


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