Thursday, May 12, 2011

A feel good story!

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A couple of weeks back we got high value Similac coupons. One for $5/1 and one for $3/1 Similac products. I don't use formula but clip them for friends or to trade. Krazy Coupon Lady clued me into the nearly free price at Walmart for the premixed 32 oz bottled of sensitive formula. I decided to use my coupons myself. I purchased 5 bottles at $0.84 each and 6 bottles at $0.50 each. Then we dropped them off at the food bank. I enjoy sharing our excess with the food bank at various drives but this was the first time I bought something solely to donate. I figured, I donate canned goods at that price all the time and baby's need to eat too. 
My darling husband ran it into the food bank. He returned with a feel good story that nearly brought tears to my eyes. The ladies oohed and aah-ed over the formula. They shared how desperately they need formula and seldom get it. They were currently out, of course, and a mom had come in the day before asking for some. 
They had to turn her and her baby away!
It nearly broke my heart. I had waited one day to take that formula in! DANG IT!
They were so thrilled to have more formula and even more thrilled that it was for sensitive bellies. I wished I had more of those coupons to share. I do however have some enfamil coupons, so now I am on the hunt for a bargain on Enfamil to donate.
So many of us are surviving and something so little could make a huge difference for a little someone. If you have any of these coupons rush out, buy some formula for pennies and take it straight to your local food bank. 
I can't tell you how good I felt as we pulled away. My heart was touched.
Service- pass it on!
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