Sunday, May 29, 2011

This weeks menu 5/29

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A couple of months ago I chose to cut my hours back at work. They didn't have a "part time" position but rather a "as needed" slot. At the time they were always needing more help and numbers were increasing. I could get all the hours I wanted and forward a couple of months and I am worried they have over compensated by hiring too many people. Time will tell but for the next month I am incredibly stressed about if I will get any hours let alone the part time hours I need. It is so nerve racking!!! Needless to say, I will be scrimping everything down that I can. I am thankful we are used to eating from the pantry but that does mean we already have that tightened down. We will see how much better I can do especially with summer upon us and little boys home who seem to have hollow legs!
Clam Chowder (yes, it's STILL raining)
Meatloaf (we had spaghetti instead last week)
Green Salad
Soup and Sandwiches
(it's suppose to be rainy again)
Rice and bean burritos
BBQ (keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine!)
Last week I did manage to stock up on some of our summer treats. The freezer is full of  popsicles and ice cream. And I laid down the law- only ONE per day! Yeah, I know, wishfull thinking! Now you know why I work nights, I have to police the boys snacking! lol
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