Sunday, May 15, 2011

This weeks Menu- 5/15/11

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Here is what I have planned for this week. I will have a few things to get. I think the only things will be sausage, roast beef, and porkchops. I didn't get my Bountiful Basket yesterday. I am hoping to finish up a few stragglers in the produce bins and then restock them on Saturday. Friday and Saturday hubby is taking the boys on the Father and Son's campout. There are certain times that are great about having ALL boys. Times like bathroom breaks at the restaurant and Father Son's campout weekend! Mr. M just turned 3 so dad may try to beg out of taking him (between you and I, I highly doubt he will be able to once Mr. M learns they are all going camping...) Either way it will be a great weekend with some quiet for MOM! The cherry on top is that Joann's is opening on Friday here in town. Yeah! I've been waiting. I want to get some projects done. Now I won't have to drive so far!
So add to my shopping list some camp food and hopefully I will be done.

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Rice and Beans Burritos
Sweet BBQ Pork chops
French Dip
Turkey Casserole

What are your plans for this week? Anything yummy in store. Let me know whatcha got! 
Inspire me! 
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