Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Activities

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I was thinking of summer plans and the need to maintain some structure. Spring break reminded me that 4 boys with too much free time is misery waiting in the wings.
This year I am thinking of doing motivational education.
I want to come up with a topic each week for the boys to study.
If they complete the task at the end of the week we will have an activity related to that; a trip, park, museum, or just a fun treat/party at the house.
Here is what I have so far...

Pioneer history= This is the Place Park
States and Capitols= trip to California
Geography= Antelope Island
Scavenger hunt= picnic up the canyon
Name the Oceans= Pool Day
Food Pyramid= progressive dinner with friends
Aeronautics= Hill Air Force Base Museum
Geology= Kennecot Copper Mine  plus this passes off scouting activities
animals--Thanksgiving Point animal farm or the zoo
Mexico--have a fiesta
trains--Heber Creeper
Writing--Storytelling Festival
Government--State Capital Building
----something for bowling-----
----something for the movies----
-----something for camping----
Reading minutes goal= Lagoon

I thought they could find 10 facts related to the topic. We can go to the library, check out books for that weeks topic to read throughout the week.
My 1st grader to be may just have to color or write something, maybe a dot to dot....
I also plan on getting Summer Bridge books again.
Anyone else have some ideas? I want it to be fun but educational too. Last summer we didn't get out a whole lot and Hubby didn't get out much at all. He has Fridays off so this would be a great family outing. Something to break up the long summer break. Could be lots of fun!
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