Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer skirt....

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I quite enjoy summer skirts. They are cool and comfy. I have one in a lightweight cotton that I wear regularly through the summer. With our plans to visit California this summer I wanted to have a couple more dresses to enjoy. I took a pattern off my favorite summer skirt and made this one.
Skirts really are easy to sew. They are very forgiving. They require basic sewing skills and are easily adjusted if a mistake is made.
To make my pattern I laid my skirt on a piece of butcher paper and traced a pattern. I had to stretch out the waistband to get the correct width. Then, I laid it on the fabric, taking into account the fold and selvage edges. After cutting it I just needed to sew the front and back together, add the waistband and hem it. I opted to add some eyelet lace.
It is a little longer than I wanted but I still like it. Since I had all the supplies this lovely skirt didn't cost me a think! With JoAnn's open I got some more fabric to make a couple more skirts.....

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