Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's on the Menu

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I'm a bit late but thought I would share what we have on the menu for this week. We are still out of sorts from moving so it has been more of a guide than anything but it helps. I enjoy routine and it is even better when I can get back into the grove of shopping and planning our meals. With the boys out of school I have started planning lunch meals as well as snacks. Hey, "Hungry" never leaves this house! I am working on having snacks and lunches that won't sabotage my efforts at weight loss. Every little bit counts and I hate fixing something for the boys then something different for me. Usually I don't eat much then end up grazing the rest of the day and taking in more than if I'd just had sketti-O's to begin with. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem!?! Anyway here is our lunch menu:
mac and cheese
vegi pizza
sloopy sliders

For snacks I plan 2 per day. Although they usually ask for more than that....I plan a morning and afternoon snack.....
string cheese
cheese and crackers
chips and salsa
fruit salsa
golden graham snack mix
cheerio treats

For dinner:
Southwestern Chicken Nachos
Vegi Pizza

Our side dishes usually consist of the bottled vegis I put up last fall or a cool summer salad. We usually have BBQ goodies added in but we ran out of gas last week and I wasn't sure when Rob would get it refilled so this week I stayed away from BBQ. Now that's not to say it won't get substituted in when the tank is refilled! ;-)
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scrapping Sunday

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As life starts to settle in here I am getting back to the activities I love. Since my crafting boxes are still packed I am thankful for a laptop and digiscraping. I can at least get my pictures taken care of and scratch that proverbial itch I have to create. Shutterfly has their photobooks 50% off right now so I am frantically trying to finish our Nauvoo pictures from last summer. I will be near 100 pgs so I will definitely be using a online code to print these up. I have about 100 more pictures to go but it is of our trip home; Mt Rushmore, Wyoming, and Old Faithful. Just before we moved SAHM made a kit for Nauvoo especially! It made me very happy. Robin loves how the pictures turned out using this kit. I posted about it HERE and provided a link to her kit. I don't buy a lot of kits but this one was definitely worth it. I wish I would have had it earlier. So without further ado here are my creations for this week. Nothing fancy, just me documenting our family adventures!

It seems hard to imagine how life can change in 1 year. Just a reminder to savor every moment I guess. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Enjoy Sunday, relax, read a book together, go for a walk, listen to special music, and pray you will learn to simplify your life and relish the moments that matter, you never know what lies around the corner. Love to all- Shan
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A home with a view....

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Life is settleing in around here. My "to do" list is crazy long but I am taking it slow. I have found lots of great things to do with the boys. I am trying to do a few things each week. I think it helps us all. Each day gets a bit better. We got our internet hooked up yesterday, now I can really connect with the outside world. 2 weeks without google felt like a lot longer. Now we just have to decide where to start, Antelope island, Kenecot mine, Lagoon, Hogle Zoo, Temple Square, Grantsville Resevoir, Deseret Peak Complex, Thanksgiving Point, Cascade Springs.......the list is endless.

Yesterday I took the boys to Toy Story 3. Yes, it is good. Even Matthew sat still, well once the previews were through. Very good show. I will be buying it. Robin is a bit envious. He said if I plan too many fun outings he may have to take time off work. I guess I will have to plan some for him and the boys on the weekend while I am at work/sleeping.

I hung up my favorite artwork, my "When I have grown a foot" picture with the "Mother of sons" saying and red wreath. It made a big difference in the house to have our own pictures and artwork on the walls. I hate to put nail holes in new walls but the end result is definantly welcoming.

I don't like the bookshelves there but haven't gotten them moved yet. The windows face west so we just put up curtains we had until I can decide on something else.
A new home also gives me an itching for new furniture. It won't happen for a while but I have my eye out for something. Not crafting for a while is my real itch right now. I am gonna have to scratch it before too long. We stopped at a home decor store this morning, oh boy! I have some ideas of stuff to do......
That red house down the street was on the top of our list for quite a while. I loved the huge kitchen and the view from the upstairs windows. Both lots are empty to the side of it but the basement would only hold a family room, furnace room and 4th bedroom. We felt we really needed one other room for storage or my CRAFT romm hello! ;-) I did love the mountains being right there though. These are NOT foothills guys. This is afterall the Wasatch mountains. Few places have mountains that jut up like Utah.....
Moving down the street....My view from my front step. This is actually the Oquirrh (said O'kre, like Ogre) Mountain range. On the other side is Murray. It is so quite here. No street lights (yet) and all you hear are crickets. I step out and see the lights of the city reflect off the clouds over this mountain range, it is very peaceful....
Our neighbors are very nice. These people have been here for 3 years. They worked on finishing their basement and now are starting the yard. Several of the houses are still empty but people are moving into some....
Deseret peak towers over the other side of the valley. This is out our backyard. Yeah, kinda small compared to our other yard. We will miss that a ton. Josh has already thrown the ball over the fence. It is barbed wire and he and Robin didn't know how to climb over it to retrieve the ball. It was very comical to me having climbed oodles of barbed wire fences in my youth. I laughed and showed them both how to climb through. Gonna have to watch the stray balls. ;-)

This picture just doesn't do the sunset justice. Maybe I was a bit late on the snapshot. I sat down on the couch and realized I could open the curtains again. The sunset was beautiful. Ahh, a peaceful evening. And a wonderful home with a view! Come see......
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making our house a home...

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Just a quick note from work at St. Marks. Life is still a bit crazy. This move has been rougher than I thought it would be. We are getting settled ok. The boys have all finally made some friends. I was worried Josh would not have anyone his age in the neighborhood but he has made some friends that live just around the corner. We have now been in the house for 1 week. Our internet and phone is suppose to be up by Monday. My fridge is still on back order- thank heavens for a small second fridge in the garage. The window blinds are up but no pictures on the walls yet- I hope to get to that this week. Last weekend I cried more than I thought I would. Curled up on the bed in Robin's arms and just asked him to take us home (to I.F.). I miss my house, yard, garden, trees, laundry room, Josh's room, friends and neighbors. Bless his little-BIG heart! He just let me cry and continues to reassure me everyday that this is a good move for our family.

Our ward is nice but very small. There are more older people in it. We heard many comments about members praying us into the ward, along with the 2 other new families. They have been very welcoming. I have wondered and even asked Robin if we chose the right neighborhood. He quickly points out we felt right about this home and move before we decided. He reminds me how Satan is working on my weaknesses. -See, I told you he was great! I am not sure why we had to make this move. Life was good in I.F. and I loved the house and our neighborhood but I am determined to learn what He has in store for my family and for ME. Each day I watch the boys grow closer together as they look to each other as playmates. I count my blessings for an incredible husband who works hard to support his family physically, emmotionally, and spiritually. He has grown a lot this past month or so. I have much to be thankful for and that is my focus to carry me through the rough times.

St. Marks is an incredible hospital. I hear so many good things about it here and so far, they are all true. The people have been a delight to meet and are very welcoming! Transfering turned out to be a piece of cake. The staff is cheerful and really enjoy working here. The 45 minute drive will be a challenge but I managed to get home this morning safely after sleeping only 5 hours yesterday. (I had worked the previous night as well). As usual, some of the docs are great; others have little to be desired. It was nice to come and have some sense of "normalcy"; the charting is the same and the patients are the same. It made me feel like I could go into auto mode just a bit. I do miss the routine of joking with Dr. Gorman and seeing Dr. Hodson arrive at the crack of dawn in his blue scrubs and long white coat. They are great docs and I truely enjoyed working with them, among others. I have an interesting perspective coming from EIRMC, an HCA hospital to St. Marks, another HCA hospital. Pro's and con's from both hospitals ways of doing things. Hopefully, I can provide some useful insite.

Hopefully we will have home internet soon and I will be able to reconnect with the outside world. I will post pictures then. No crafting happening anytime soon but I am at least able to digital scrapbook.

I am so thankful for my family. My sisters came over several evenings after work to help pack and clean. Mom and dad spent 3 days packing and moving us down here and my brother got us a semi to move with and drove it down to Tooele. Uhaul would have cost us a fortune!! They all helped to pack us up and then unpack us when we arrived. Family is great!

We miss all of you (a certain few especially-you know who you are)! But all in all our house is becoming home.....
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