Monday, May 24, 2010

More projects....

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This is great. I just packed up my sewing machine but I am tempted to get it back out. Gonna have to put these on my Christmas gift idea list! I never use the dish rack anymore (not sure why I have it). These towels from noodlehead would be fabulous.....
I am nearing the end of our Nauvoo trip pictures from last summer and now NOW I find someone that has a kit specifically made for Nauvoo! Check it out. I will be checking back for the QP's to be posted! Maybe I can finally finish this little/BIG project. We took over 900 pictures over 2 weeks. Yeah, I like to take pictures. And I realized with all those pics I never took one of our campsite or the trailer set up. Go figure.....Check it out at SAHM scrapper...
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  1. I admire your energy! I love the dish towel idea!!!!!


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