Monday, July 30, 2012

Homemade Rootbeer

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There is just something about a good batch of homemade rootbeer.
The taste is great but making it is just as much fun.
Dry ice is I mean LOOK at all that steam, smoke, whatever. Yeah, the boys had a great time too.
So here is the recipe I used....
1 bottle rootbeer extract
5 pounds sugar
5 gallons water
5 pounds dry ice.
Mix it together and let it 'cook' for a couple of hours. Careful not to spill any, all that sugar makes it very sticky. Doing it with little boys clamoring about wiggling fingers through the steam is a must!
What a fun, simply, family activity.
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  1. This looks like something I'm going to have to try. My son would love it. Pinning!

    DJ's Sundries

  2. I am looking at using this for a Church Activity. How much would you imagine 1 recipe of this would serve.... 30 people????

    1. It makes roughly 5 gallons. That is 80 8oz (1 cup) servings but folks I know love homemade rootbeer and it is a treat they rarely get. What size are your cups? A solo brand cup is usually 12-16 oz so that would give you closer to 40 servings= no seconds. I would double the recipe just in case. You can still use the 10 gal cooler but double the recipe and fill 'er up! Have fun.


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