Thursday, July 26, 2012

Camp food tips and menu

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Although part of the fun of camping is the food, I don't want to spend all the time prepping. We wanted to be relaxing and hiking and such. I also run into the problem of the ice melting and turning the food to soggy mush. So here are some of the tips I have discovered to help during meal time in nature.
We prepped most of our food for camping before we went out. Grape Kabobs...
Meat and cheese kabobs for snacking
Orange slices for easy munching.
Then I put it all in containers. They stack nicely in my coolers, stay cool and most importantly DRY. Somehow my baggies always seem to leak.
Here is the rest of our menu.....

Lunch on arrival day:
Sandwiches made ahead. Just leave off the wet condiments and add at the picnic table. Pull out the orange slices and enjoy. 

We planned to have tacos in a bag so I browned the hamburger and froze it. I figured it would be just about thawed when we were ready for it and all I would have to do is reheat it. The lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes were already sliced and in containers. 
Once we realized we could roast hotdogs dad made a quick trip down the canyon for some. Mr. Matthew loves his 'dogs'. lol
All the prep really paid off. We didn't use everything but it was still intact and not water logged when we got home. I didn't have to worry about fixing something quick when we arrived home. Just use up what we pulled from the coolers. 

Pancakes from the mix and shake Bisquick containers. These are wonderful.
Eggs were cracked and placed in a empty peanut butter jar. Easy to pour out and scramble.

Lunch for day 2
Sandwiches again. We just made them at the campsite. We also planned to use a lot of the snacks we had left over. 

Pop just makes you MORE thirsty so mom declared a "No Pop" weekend. We took our 10 gallon water cooler filled with fresh ice water. It worked lovely. We refilled our water bottles after each of our hiking adventures and always had fresh cool water. I love that we didn't eat so much junk food. I felt better with all the physical activity and healthy foods. I enjoy junk food, don't get me wrong, but I LOVE how I feel when we eat healthy.

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  1. Never thought of the scrambled egg tip. TFS

    DJ's Sundries

  2. Our sons are in Boy Scouts. Love Love LOVE the eggs in a plastic jar idea!! Thank you for sharing!!


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