Friday, December 31, 2010

Small gift idea...

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Ever have those moments around the holidays when you realize despite your planning and great intentions you still missed someone. Not because they weren't important but rather your brain had short circuted.... Well I realized that on Matthew's last day of play therapy I had missed his teachers. Now, he is only 2 and perhaps for speech therapy you don't need to do anything but they just seemed to fall in the same group and the other teachers.
Thankfully I am one with lots of various crafty supplies ready at hand. I scrambled my brain on the way home and quickly put together these dandy magnets.
I simply covered clothes pins with glitter and added an embelishment.
I love these little stickers. They are great to add a little something to lots of different projects. Plus you can get several on a sheet. Have you noticed how expensive stickers are getting? Well, I like to have the small ones that I can use just a bit to add some bling.
I put a magnet strip on the back. I was worried it wouldn't hold much but after testing them I was pleased.
I also made these rock magnets. They are simple. Just trace and cut the circle to match your rock and clue a magnet to the back. I used E600 glue but you can use other types too.
So each teacher got one set of magnets, a small hand sanitizer, and a liter of A&W with a note saying for an "Awesome and Wonderful". Kinda cheesey but hey.....
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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Menu plus: Chicken and Rice Wraps

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We just enjoyed our weekend so I didn't get the menu planned until this morning. NOTHING sounds good even after going through my recipes. I guess after all the holiday goodies my body is looking for a food vacation. I am excited to make this year the year for me. I wanted to loose weight last year but with moving I let things go. I just couldn't manage all of the changes at the same time. This week is the last chance to have the boys finish of all the goodies then no more (or fewer) sweets. I am loving the produce baskets each week and they have already started to transform how we snack/eat. Just more diligence with that. Watch for my recipes to have weight watchers points attached. I will be doing WW online and love that I can calculate points to the recipes I already use and enjoy. I guess this becomes my goal #1 for 2011...Healthy eating!
This weeks Menu....
Chicken and Rice Wraps
Broccolli Chicken Casserole
Baked Potatoe Bar
Beef Stroganoff.

Chicken and Rice Wraps
I don't remember where I got this one. It is a great freezer recipe. Just wrap each one in foil and freeze. Zap 'em in the microwave and you have a great, filling meal in a jiffy. Even from the start they are easy. Would you expect any less from this mom?
1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
(throw 2-3 breasts in a post and boil until able to shred)
2 cups water
1 cup salsa
1 pkg Taco seasoning mix
2 cups instant rice, uncooked
8-12 flour tortillas
In a skillet or saucepan, combine chicken, water, salsa and seasonings. Bring to a boil. Add rice, simmer on low for 5 minutes. spoon mixture into center of tortillas and wrap. You can add cheese to mixture before wrapping.
This makes a lot! It is kind to your diets and mild for kids palates.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

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Just taking a break from all the packages and wrapping and boxes and those blasted wires wrapped around every moving part of EVERY TOY.....*sigh*.....
To wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope yours has been as relaxing and wonderful with family as ours! And may the Spirit of the Season be with you all through the year!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My aprons.....

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Last night I managed to whip up these 2 aprons. I wanted to make a third but by midnight I was ready for bed. With how rotten I slept I should have just stayed up and finished another. I usually work Wednesday nights but had it off and I think my body was wondering what was goin' on!
I'm pleased with how they turned out. This is the first one I made. I just used my favorite apron to make a pattern, added a few adjustments and VOILA!

This is my second one and I actually like it better than the first. I am going to use this style to make my next one. I shortened it and think that made a difference.

Shhhh, don't tell but these are for my sisters for Christmas. I hope they like them.
What do you think? Have you ever made a pattern from something you have already? I have done it a couple of times now. It's not difficult. Just lay it out on a sheet of butcher paper. Think about the fold of your fabric and picture how it would be laid out in pieces. Most of the time you just need the basic shape and size then it's all about the embellishments and little add on like a ruffle or different shaped pocket. It's a great way to get another one of your favorite items. Pick something simple and give it a try- like an apron!
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I've been featured at Simply Sweet Home....

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I was so excited when Jerri said she liked my recipes enough to feature them on her blog! I never thought MY recipes would be there when I decided to link up to here party. WOW!! How exciting!!! There were a ton of great recipes. Check them out for some yummy delights. And thanks Jerri for making this gal's day!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

52 projects COMPLETED! Horray!

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I made it. I didn't think I would a time or two. I wondered if I should just give up and try again while moving. My projects weren't all what I thought they would be but how fun it is to look back over the past year and see what I've accomplished. Remember this post about 2010 looking up? I had no idea how much life would change for us but yet still stay the same.

So there they are, all 52 projects. Everyone asks me what I am going to do now. Don't worry, I will still be doing crafting. I always have one project or another going on. Good thing my dear hubby is so good to me, otherwise I could get myself into a lot of trouble. I just can't sit still. Maybe it's because my mind is always going a million miles a minute. I have to write everything down and always have a to do list. 
In fact I have a couple more projects in the works already. I am even working on a simple tutorial I am excited to show you. 
Just keep watching. I will let you know when I decide on my goal/project for 2011. The new year is just around the corner!

Katie's Nesting Spot
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