Monday, July 12, 2010

Project 22 of 52: Water Fountain

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We are on the bottom half of the year and I am almost to my halfway point of my 52 projects. Not too bad considering the move and all. I am glad I did so many at the beginning. I have been able to get a few craft projects done. It is going to be touch and go as most of my craft supplies are still packed. I don't have a place to set things up yet but we are working on it. The boys rooms come first.....
As I scrolled back through my wish list of ideas I decided this water fountain would be great on my new front porch.
I learned a few things with this simple project but first here is a picture of mine...
I spray painted the pots. I couldn't find wooden balls at Home Depot so I used PCV pipe caps. They worked well but are not staying on. I have to find some different glue. I had used Gorilla glue. Of course with the plastic pots they don't tip and rock like the heavier pots would. I wish I had gotten a heavier pot though. I think it would look better. I may get a different one or just put a vinyl word on the plastic one. Gotta decide on which way. I found a kit with the pump, spray nozzel and everything. This works great. I have 2 different spouts to choose from. Matthew even thinks it's great....
His small soccer ball fits perfect on the spout. Even better is the drinking fountain. Don't worry I rinsed off the rocks...huh, yeah. Boys will be boys. Of course he managed to pull the spout off within a couple of days and now it is stashed who know where. *sigh* maybe the store will have another one. I also needed to seal the hole in the small pot. I would like to have the water trickle over the edge of the small pot into the large one but right now it drains out the bottom of the small pot.
Fun project. Easy to do. Requires drying time at several steps. Invites little boys to play.....Yep, I'll have to redo this then VOILA! I'll post my redo. Some projects just don't turn out the first time but they are still fun to do. Besides, isn't this how you learn?!
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