Friday, July 9, 2010

Fitness Friday

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Ok, so as things are settling in I am trying to get back to fitness. I am totally out of shape and weigh more than ever in my life. Loosing wieght gets so much harder the older you get but staying in shape helps with balance and bone growth as we age too. No, I'm not old but I am not young anymore either. I want to join Weight Watchers online again but haven't done that yet. Gotta look at our budget with Robin first. In the meantime, I know a lot of things I can do. I also know the boys could benefit from more biking, hiking,walking, running etc. So my plan is to do a new challenge each week. Join in if you want. Share your ideas on my path to fitness. I would love to get back to my skinny jeans but mostly I want to improve my health, activity level and stamina.
This next week I am working on 2 goals:
walking every day
drinking 8 glasses of water each day
I have been better about walking but not consisitantly, especially after working all night. Also by the end of the day I often realize I was too busy with house chores to drink enough water. Water is fuel for the body to burn more calories. I don't drink much else so I know I am really dehydrated, especially in the summer heat. If I improve my hydration I will feel better too.
Anyone want to join the challenge? What goals are you working on? Baby steps and little by little I will get in shape.
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