Friday, July 16, 2010

Good people of the world

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So often we hear all the bad things going on around the world and the bad choices people make I wanted to share some of the good in the world.

First, there were our fabulous neighbors in Idaho Falls. Several of the guys came over on different occassions at the drop of a hat to help move boxes and furniture. The offers of help and support were overwhelming as Robin was away and I cared for our family and prepared to move. I truely could not have done it without such support. Our friends came with smiles on their faces and expecting nothing in return. What a comfort it was to know we would be watched out for while dad was away. Thank you just doesn't say enough!

Then, we were met with the same generosity moving into the new house. Saturday morning literal streams of men came 1, 2, or even 3 at a time to the house. They made trip after trip down the stairs. And all those bottles of home vegis were not light! They stayed till the job was done and slipped away as quietly as they had come. Once again with smiles on their faces but also a few drops of sweat. These men did not know us but offered a hand of fellowship and a welcome to the neighborhood.

Finally, two strangers on the road...Yesterday I went with the boys to Idaho Falls to get our popup camper. We had not been able to pull it down with our initial move. Robin has been working and not able to pick it up and I also needed to get new parts for the tramp. On the way home I stopped to get a burger for dinner, made a couple of calls to say we were ok and were just moving slower with the trailer. POP! Thwamb thwamb thwamp. Oh, no!!! Oh, yes! I had blown a tire on the trailer. I was in construction and managed to get pulled off quickly (thankfully for construction). The red pickup behind me passed on by but the next thing I knew they were pulled off and backing up. Two nice looking guys got out, asked about the spare, took the jack from me and in 10 minutes had the tire changed! I learned that we did not have a lug wrench that would fit the trailer tires on the trailer. These guys had a ratchet set and muscled the lug nuts off. Once again with smiles on their faces. Now, I know how to change a tire and have gotten the jack out of the van more times this past year than I care to admit but ohhhh, how thankful I am for 2 nice guys to stop and help. I don't know what I would have done without the tools. They took care of it all, put the blown tire away, shook my hand, joked with the boys to "Be Good" and were off. Their plates said California but I didn't even ask where they were from but Tom and T.J- THANK YOU! I hope you have a wonderful trip! You'll never know what your service meant to this mom.

Yes, good people do still exist. They are the quiet heros doing everyday mundane tasks that for one person and in one moment make a world of a difference!
God bless you all!
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