Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scrapping Sunday

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We had a great 4th. I thought I would focus on 1 kit a week and  work several pages from that. I didn't find as many 4th of July kits as I thought, maybe I just didn't look in the right places. I tend to stray away from kits that I have to register for a store. I have a couple of digiscrap stores I am registered for but I can't possibly remember all the passwords and logins for everything we have to remember. I am going to have work on a system for this as it is. None the less, I rather like the way several of my pages turned out. My style is simple. I want to see the pictures and sometimes the background in the pictures more than the embelishments. I guess this helps in time too. It doesn't take as long when you add fewer embelishments etc.
These are the kits I used, although I think I am missing one.....
I LOVE Scrapping Sisters! They have a simple style and I can use almost all of their stuff. I have a lot of their downloads. You should check these ladies out. I have yet to see something I didn't like from them!
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