Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Organization tips: project 24 of 52

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As I unpack and find storage solutions to fit our stuff in our new home I thought I would share some tips on organizing. I am not a pro but here are some things that have helped me manage 4 little boys and their toys.
1- I live by the motto "A place for everything and everything in it's place". Assign a place for everything then recruit the kids to get everything into it's place. When someone asks for the scissors they know right where to go.

2- Use baskets: It's helpful to have baskets to hold like items neatly in the closets.

3- Shelves, Shelves, shelves. I love to have shelves to stack supplies on. I assign twin sheets, full sheets, queen sheets or towels all their own spot and stack them neatly on the shelf.

So finally I got my pantry organized. It made me feel oh, so good to have clutter controled. 

I won't show you the basement but it is a work in progress. I desperately need to get some shelves for my food storage. Then I will have my crafting shelves back.
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  1. I have that same motto. It's worked with raising eleven children. Organization feels so good!

  2. Your doing a great job turning your new house into a home! Come organize my house.....please! Maybe it time for us to move. Then I will be forced to clean out the clutter, and get organized!

  3. I am impressed! We moved a year ago and I am still organizing and finding a home for everything :(

    Glad to find your blog. I have four boys too! I also have one daughter sandwhiched inbetween them:)


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