Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Look for Rainbows...word art freebie

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One of my new favorite Primary songs is "When I am baptized". Last month we got to baptize our 3rd son. It is always a great weekend with a baptism. We had family visit and celebrate their choice to follow our Savior. I didn't learn this song in Primary but my boys have and I smile every time I hear them sing it. As I get ready to do up his baptism pictures I thought it would be great to have this song around the page. So here you go. I hope it helps you reflect on the choices in your lives and how they bring each of us closer to God.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kiss while you sleep...word art freebie

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In honor of Mother's Day....
I work full time nights in our local ICU. I love it. Working nights is always tough, people forget I may be in my PJ's at noon or 1 o'clock. I have been known to go to carpool in my PJ's. I was even called into the school unexpectantly while in my PJ's. :-/ hehehe, I just let them know I had worked and just gotten up. 
Working nights means I miss a lot of sleep. I generally only take a 2 hour nap if I don't have to work again that night. I would rather be sleep deprived but able to sleep well that night than sleep the day away and be up at night at home. 
There are many challenges to working at night but I continue so that I may be there for my boys during the day. If they need something for school or they have a special award presentation or any number of things, I am there during the day and dad is there for them at night.
Mostly, I miss bedtime but when I am home I slip in before going to bed myself and kiss there cheeks. They seldom budge but it fills my bucket as mom. I love watching them sleep. They are innocent and peaceful and it just soothes my soul to see them safely tucked in. 
Ahh, the things we moms do.
As I worked on this my son looked over my shoulder. After reading the quote he was surprised to hear dad announce that "mom really does too". He just smiled. Made me smile to.
I love being a mom.
Happy Mothers Day to all moms and moms in spirit!

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Computer troubles....

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Dear hubby worked and worked to fix my laptop but to no avail. We took it in this past Friday. Looks like they will have to do some major program re-writes. UGH!! I am hoping to have it back this next week then I can get going again. Until then, hang in their with me. Gotta love computer problems! 
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Buena Vista Street and Grizzly Peak Word art....

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Have fun with a couple more Disney prints.
I was sad to learn this weekend one of my favorite word art designers is retiring.  Bethany from Elegant Wordart is facing a huge struggle at home. She was my inspiration to give word art go. All of her store is 60% off. Take a look. Get some great things and help her out at the same time.
Most importantly, please keep her in your prayers.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Doing the Impossible...Paradise Pier...word art freebies

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I know I said I would have something each day this week, so sorry. The other night I was trying to download some fun new fonts to do more word art for you all but some bug attached to one of the Disney fonts. ARGH! I have not been able to connect my laptop to the internet since. Getting to the PC is kinda a pain so bear with me. I am planning to give you 2 each day instead. Don't worry, it will still be totally worth it.

Paradise Pier has "California Screamin". What a ride. My boys did NOT want to ride at first but then the 2 that did went back to back. Saturday was our only day of small crowds. We blasted along with rain pelting us in the face- it was AWESOME! We didn't mind the rain. We were used to Idaho's cold weather. A cool rain was not going to keep us down. We were thrilled that so many others chose to leave the park until the rain stopped. It didn't last long, we just put on our parka's and went on our way. It turned out to be one of our favorite days. Short lines or no lines at all. LOVED IT!
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pocahantas and Pixie Dust....word art freebie

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My sweet hubby took the whole family out for Sushi tonight. It was yummy, a bit spicier than usual though. Even our boys love sushi. I enjoy our family time. We enjoy going out together. I hope the boys are learning their restaurant manners as well as enjoying the good food. With a house of boys, food is a great center piece to family time or family talks. I love gathering around the table to plan trips, outings, camping or even discuss family challenges. The table keeps the boys focused and engaged. Their is definantly a reason we are counseled to have sit down family meals together. The kitchen becomes a gathering place- at least at our house. 

Of course if you have girls the gathering place may be more the bathroom. lol. If you find yourself in this boat then todays word art is just for you. Perfect for you little princess or your Queen in training. ;-) I believe whatever you dream you can make come true....
I will be posting another fun word art tomorrow. Follow along with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Google or RSS. It's the only way to not miss a thing.

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