Friday, May 3, 2013

Doing the Impossible...Paradise Pier...word art freebies

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I know I said I would have something each day this week, so sorry. The other night I was trying to download some fun new fonts to do more word art for you all but some bug attached to one of the Disney fonts. ARGH! I have not been able to connect my laptop to the internet since. Getting to the PC is kinda a pain so bear with me. I am planning to give you 2 each day instead. Don't worry, it will still be totally worth it.

Paradise Pier has "California Screamin". What a ride. My boys did NOT want to ride at first but then the 2 that did went back to back. Saturday was our only day of small crowds. We blasted along with rain pelting us in the face- it was AWESOME! We didn't mind the rain. We were used to Idaho's cold weather. A cool rain was not going to keep us down. We were thrilled that so many others chose to leave the park until the rain stopped. It didn't last long, we just put on our parka's and went on our way. It turned out to be one of our favorite days. Short lines or no lines at all. LOVED IT!
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  1. Many thanks :) Hope your computer problems get sorted ASAP.

    1. Av, thanks. We took my laptop in on Friday. I am hoping to have it back this next week. Looks like they are going to have to rewrite the program codes. UGH! Keep watching, I will have some new goodies soon. (I hope!)


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