Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kiss while you sleep...word art freebie

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In honor of Mother's Day....
I work full time nights in our local ICU. I love it. Working nights is always tough, people forget I may be in my PJ's at noon or 1 o'clock. I have been known to go to carpool in my PJ's. I was even called into the school unexpectantly while in my PJ's. :-/ hehehe, I just let them know I had worked and just gotten up. 
Working nights means I miss a lot of sleep. I generally only take a 2 hour nap if I don't have to work again that night. I would rather be sleep deprived but able to sleep well that night than sleep the day away and be up at night at home. 
There are many challenges to working at night but I continue so that I may be there for my boys during the day. If they need something for school or they have a special award presentation or any number of things, I am there during the day and dad is there for them at night.
Mostly, I miss bedtime but when I am home I slip in before going to bed myself and kiss there cheeks. They seldom budge but it fills my bucket as mom. I love watching them sleep. They are innocent and peaceful and it just soothes my soul to see them safely tucked in. 
Ahh, the things we moms do.
As I worked on this my son looked over my shoulder. After reading the quote he was surprised to hear dad announce that "mom really does too". He just smiled. Made me smile to.
I love being a mom.
Happy Mothers Day to all moms and moms in spirit!

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  1. I work nights in the Emergency Department...I know exactly how you feel!! Thanks for a great wordart.


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