Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pocahantas and Pixie Dust....word art freebie

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My sweet hubby took the whole family out for Sushi tonight. It was yummy, a bit spicier than usual though. Even our boys love sushi. I enjoy our family time. We enjoy going out together. I hope the boys are learning their restaurant manners as well as enjoying the good food. With a house of boys, food is a great center piece to family time or family talks. I love gathering around the table to plan trips, outings, camping or even discuss family challenges. The table keeps the boys focused and engaged. Their is definantly a reason we are counseled to have sit down family meals together. The kitchen becomes a gathering place- at least at our house. 

Of course if you have girls the gathering place may be more the bathroom. lol. If you find yourself in this boat then todays word art is just for you. Perfect for you little princess or your Queen in training. ;-) I believe whatever you dream you can make come true....
I will be posting another fun word art tomorrow. Follow along with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Google or RSS. It's the only way to not miss a thing.

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