Sunday, January 31, 2010

Organizing dreams.

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I have a few things that are VERY therapeutic to me and since this past week has been more rough than smooth I am indulging myself. I have a corner of the house that is just mine. I have a tendancy to see something and think, "wow, that's simple. I can do that" then I start into another project. I do a wide variety of things as you can tell- paper scrapbooking, digiscrap, sewing, painting, home decor, general crafts, scouting etc. This list goes on and on. I guess I like variety. I retreat to my world, listen to the boys wrestle, play 'puffles' or play video games, all while creating something-anything! My mind can work out it's troubles and my hands stay busy and in the end life is beautiful again. I come by the crafting naturally. My mom always had something going on too. She jokes that she would have Christmas for everyone for a couple of years if she finished all her projects. Actually mom, didn't you just give us Christmas for a couple of years by finishing your projects?! ;-) I think the only thing she doesn't know how to do is knit! Literally! Well all this variety can cause a few cliches in the system. How do you organize such a wide variety of supplies? Afterall, my corner of the world is rather small! Well, tonight I am sharing my vision of my crafting area. I am afraid it will take several months to complete as we do ittybitty pieces, bit by bit that won't knock us off budget! Here is what it looks like now.....(drum roll please)Believe it or not it has looked worse. We started a few months ago buying shelves to help organize things. And I have been adding the storage drawers little by little. They are handy and I like being able to assign a place for various items, like all the beads in one, all the posicle sticks and such in another- very handy.
The boxes at the top and most of the drawers are full of scout supplies, beads, fun foam, pompoms, leather working tools, my label maker, etc.....
Since switching to digital scrapbooking I use most of my paper supplies for cards or tags or other various such projects. This table is in need of serious help. It is always piled with odds and ends. I do love my peg board though. Robin put that in and bought the various hooks for me. He is amazingly supportive of my addiction to all things crafty....
This side is still developing. I bought the shoe boxes thinking they would be great.....but haven't figured out just what yet. I think I mostly just need a day to redo and reorganize but when I come here I digress with my projects and craftiness takes over. I didn't dare take a picture of the pile of fabric scraps on the floor- don't worry, they are piled to overflowing in a storage container. Well, in light of all this and my increasing need to organize my little retreat I have come up with a plan. I love clean crisp lines in home decor. I also love organization! A place for everything and everything in it's place is my mantra. Yeah, I know, you couldn't tell from these pictures! That's the problem. So I had to decide to get serious with my current system and finish it or SOMETHING! Well, I have a couple of problem areas. #1 the space is long and narrow. #2 I have ALL SORTS of supplies.

I love to blog. I have gotten so many great ideas for really cheap! Home decor ideas are no exception. Then I found this post here. I love her room. I especially love the cupboards. Everything is put away.I also found a few other craft area posts that got my brain to thinkin'! Some were small narrow spaces like mine too. So, I did what any woman would do. Came running home to dear sweet Hubby and shared my ideas! Just testing the ground at first but being the great guy that he is, he was ok with whatever I decided. THE TRICK! I had to stay within our budget! UGH! That always puts a cramp in things. BUT! Never fear, I had a plan for this too. See I have recently fell in love with another blog- see I told you I like to blog serf- Knockoffwood. Ana is great and makes these projects super simple! So here is my plan. I plan to build something like this:
Photo from Pottery Barn via knockoffwood.
Yeah- we can do it! This is just a series of pieces and with Ana's directions it won't be much at all. So along one wall will be my work bench/table. Along the other will be my cupboards and perhaps counter top. Along the back wall (where my pegboard is) will be open with maybe just a rolling cart. I plan to have a draw or cupboard for everything and labeled. It will take a while but the great part is we can do it piece by piece. What do you think? You can see the plans here.
Robin built a piece for the family room yesterday and had a lot of fun doing it. He was rather proud of himself! I will share those pictures later. I am anxious to get going on this big project but this will be an exersice in patience!!! :-) E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G!!
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Project 9 of 52- Valentine Wreath

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I'm not sure where I got this idea, I didn't write it down and now I can't find it. They had spray painted the Christmas bulbs red, pink and white but I found these at Real Deals and thought they would work with pink and brown ribbons. What do you think? Really. I can't decide. I go back and forth..... Yeah, I think I like it. I am hoping to do the Valentine chair backers this week. I got the fabric on Saturday. Then I am hoping to have everyone spend a week or until Valentines writing love notes to each other. I am hoping to get us thinking more positively and expressing our love and what we like about each other more. This can sometimes get tricky in a house of boys but they are pretty good most of the time.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 8 of 52: Jute wrapped cans

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I found this idea on Brown Paper Packages . They were really easy, inexpensive, and green. Nothing beats trash to treasures. I think I will give these to a coworker who gave me the can lids and the empty cans. I think she will like them and enjoy them.

I am excited to go shopping tomorrow. Smiths and Albertsons are having great sales this week. But I will also be going to Lowes. I have found Knockoffwood.blogspot. What a great site! Ana makes simple blueprints for great furniture and gives instructions that even a gal like me can follow. My favorite part is that I can build these pieces in stages which really helps on the budget. And since I have the plans I don't have to worry about the style being discontinued or out of stock. I plan on doing pieces of the Cameron Collection for our family room. I hate having DVD's, Wii games, VHS's and toys all over. They contrast my desire for nice organization and clean lines. We are going to start with the cubby and draw and build from there. Then hopefully the movies and toys will be more neat and tidy. Plus I am drawn to the simetry of the plans. Maybe this year I will get my family room in line and really be able to enjoy it....

I also have plans to build pieces from the Logan collection for my crafty area. Once again I look forward to having supplies closed up in cupboards and drawer. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" definantly describes me. The cherry on top is that I can do these projects on our current budget! No breaking the bank. Yeah, otherwise I would never get it done.

I am also searching for ideas for our bedroom redo later this year. The challenge of maintaining budget has really sparked my creativity as I search for severely frugal home decor. Dear SIL is the queen with this topic but I'm learning. I usually know what I like I just have to find a way to do it on a budget.

With all this in mind, hopefully I will get the wood to do my first piece. Wish me luck and I will post pictures when I get it done.

I have worked the last 5 of 6 days and I have to work again tomorrow night. Doesn't sound like a lot until I tell you these are 12 hour night shifts. UGH! I feel like I have lived at the hospital this week. Today I was really dragging. The weather was very cold and dreary too which doesn't help to wake you up or motivate you. Thankfully Robin has done an incredible job of keeping up with the housework. Needless to say I am WIPED OUT! Working so many days in a row has made it difficult to remember my project 365 and take a picture every day. I missed a couple but I think I will just use a generic picture. Or perhaps a picture of one of my projects...... On Sunday I usually scrapbook. Check out the slide show for the pages so far this year. I am excited to see it finished. It's gonna be great. I also think that it will help me learn more about picture taking. Maybe I will play with color techniques in PSE this week. How about a week of black and white photos? If I am lucky enough I may find one to use as wall art in the bedroom.......
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 7 of 52: CTR towel

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This is a project I found on Made With Love and Glue. I had planned to make on for Keegan's baptism but my niece's is coming up so I made hers first. I guess I will have to buy another towel for Keegan's but that's ok. I love it. I couldn't decide between red and bright pink, red is my favorite so maybe that's why I chose it. What do you think? It was soooo simple. I didn't have sitch witchery but still worked out ok. I think this would just make it easier to sew on without worrying about the fabric moving. The other day I pulled out my box of scraps which I haven't looked through for a while. It was like Christmas all over again. I had forgotten about some of the great scraps I have. With all the fun projects I am finding in blogland I may not have to go to the fabric store again for a while.....Nahhh, I'll still check it out once in a while.

Our ward is working on school bags and hygiene kits for the humanitarian drive. I plan on making several of the bags. Hopefully, I will get some made this week. I'm thinking I can make several from what fabric I already have. We will see. I also hope to get some organizing done in my craft area. It is suppose to be cold! the next few days so once again, I'll take advantage of the frigid winter time and staying indoors.

I work tonight and tomarrow night, which means sleeping all day tomarrow but Wednesday should be a good day. It's been a rough day today and yesterday, details are soooo not worth it. I am thankful for a loving husband tonight especially. One that loves me for ME- taking the good with the bad, No Judging Just Loving! *sigh*

The school was on lockdown today for about 40 minutes because of an armed robbery in town. Kinda scary but the boys were ok with it. We talked about it at dinner. Danger doesn't bother them. They trust their teachers and enjoy being able to "download" at dinner time. I guess that is why small things make such a difference in our kids lives. They don't sweat the small stuff. They know they have security at home. I can't imagine what life would be like if we didn't have "the small things". Funny how we always return to the basics eh!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 6 of 52: suit of armour

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I had planned on making this for Christmas but didn't get it done. I collected can lids (the ones without sharp edges) and juice lids to make these for the boys. Robin pounded the holes and sanded the rough edges off. Then I just laces jute rope through the holes and Robin spray painted it gold. Voila!! Ours will be the safest street in the neighborhood! Knights in shining armour on brigade!

I think I have been on a roll lately. All these projects are fun. I am taking advantage of the season. No yard work, no gardening and the boys are still in school. Yesterday we worked really hard and cleaned the whole house nearly spotless. We do have a 1 1/2 yr old after all. It was nice to wake up to organization and clean this am. Now if we can just keep it this way for a few days Mom will be happy! Yes, I am a dreamer.

I have a couple of bigger projects I am hoping to get to this coming week. We have a saucer chair that has a cover tearing out. Tyler keeps trying to sneek it back upstairs to use. I found a tutorial at makeitandloveit on recovering this. I bought the new fabric a week or so ago. I think it's time to do this for him. Also in the works for the near future: Valentines Day Chairbacker mailbox, Wet bag (for Keegan's baptism), CTR towel. I told Robin I was hoping to get some sewing time in this next week. He is always so good to let me have that time. It makes me happy and I guess a happy wife is his reward. In any case he is great!

I have been getting my 365 pages done. They are in the slide on the side. I also did some quick pages the other night. I need to get going on more scrapbook pages so that I don't fall even further behind. I made up several quick pages from Christmas kits I downloaded so now I just need to insert the pictures.

Other projects on my list: Apple topiary, Laundry room redo, Large family photo to go above the fireplace, scrapbook pages!!, throw pillow covers, letter "J" monogram, white board from a picture frame, and some wood projects from knockoffwood.blogspot for the family room. Hopefully I can find some great deals to get what I need for the bigger projects. Joann's had 50% of the clearance price on some of their fabric. I will have to watch for the Valentine fabric to get marked down for the mailboxes. I am getting really good at looking around the house and at my craft supplies to see what I can do. The challenge is to keep it all organized.

What do you do when you have your fingers in lots and lots and lots of projects? And all different type of projects. I am still trying to figure this out. Slowly my craft area is getting better organized. I am needing some bigger bins for fabric next. I hope to sort scraps by color. There is always something to do but since we don't have t.v. and it's snowing......

Matthew had another day of speech therapy today. I told Robin afterwards it would be easy to say, "but you didn't do anything. You just PLAYED with him" but for kids PLAY is learning. The trick is repitition. Getting Matthew to say the same sound or intonation and build on that. He is getting it. Perhaps that is the job Robin should get. Speech therapy for kids. You get to sit on the floor and play with toys all day! ;-) He is just a big kid afterall. I think the S.T. likes it when Robin is there cuz he says things and does things that are exactly what Matthew needs. Robin just 'gets it'!

Robin is training to do financial planning. He is quite excited. He is still looking for a job but in the meantime he is learning new skills that have great potential. I think this could really take off for him. It is amazing how much of a difference owning the phrase "at work" can make. He has more direction for his efforts and something to pour himself into. I am such a lucky lady. I have a hard working husband who loves me and wants to do everything he can for his family. This economy is tough and has dealt some nasty hands but I am thankful for the love of my life! 2010 is going to be a great year. I can just feel it!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project 5 of 52: Lamp shade redo

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I saw this on Thrift Decor Chic and thought I'd give it a try. I think the shade looks lots better. now if I could just do something different with the black.....
Not too bad. What do you think?
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Falling bread.....

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My last several loaves of bread have fallen on me. I tried putting them on the counter rather than on the edge. I didn't try setting them on the floor to keep them from falling cuz Matthew would have way too much fun! LOL- no really it's been a problem. Well I went back to the basics. I had tried to make a few adjustments- just experimenting- so I pulled out the recipe and measured everything exactly. The results.....
Flat bread! UGH! Thankfully we have the internet and I can search an endless amount of topics. Turns out (I think) that I am letting it over rise. It's either that or my bread is too moist. Perhaps a bit of both. I am suppose to take bread to work tonight for potluck. With my 4th batch since last night just finishing I am not sure I want to make another.... We go through about 6 loaves a week and with taking a couple to work I guess it wouldn't hurt. The 2 loaves that just finished are better. I guess the lesson learned here is to watch the bread and not just the timer! Ahh, the dangers of multitasking! At least the boys are not picky eaters. They are just constant eaters. lol. So it's sandwiches for lunches this week. They may like that after all- no leftovers in their lunchbox. Ever had a repeating mishap from multitasking? Please let me know I'm not alone!
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 4 of 52: Button Valentines

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Grab a bag of bulk buttons, a piece of scrapbook paper, ribbon, a canvas frame and don't forget the glue and you're set to go. What do you think.
Here is the step by step:
I used a 10x10 canvas square, scrapbook paper I had on hand, mod podge from my supplies, buttons bulk from Porters for $1 and glue dots.
Cut the paper to fit. Then cover the canvas with mod podge and put the paper in place.
Make sure it is stuck down well. Flip the canvas over and press smooth from the back also helps to get all the bubbles out.
I just spread a few out to get the shape right then started glueing. I started out using glue dots but there were a lot of buttons so I pulled out the glue gun.
While the bread baked I glued buttons and more buttons and more buttons but...
It turned out great. Add a ribbon and...
Another great Valentine decor.

Matthew started speech therapy on Friday. He was talking at 12 months but this last summer he stopped. Now he says less than 5 words. His hearing is fine so now we start learning how to help him speak. One idea the S.T. gave us was making a book of each letter. So today we had the boys help by bringing toys that start with the letters B, D, and M. I just need to scrap them into a book with the name of each item. On the other side will have the sign for the word. It was fun and hopefully will help Matthew. It is just nice to have a way to help him. One day I may find myself telling him to STOP talking. LOL.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project 3 of 52- rice bags

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These bags were easy to make and the boys enjoy them. I just sewed around the edges of some flannel. Then made a pillowcase sort of cover. This way when the outside gets yucky I can just toss it in the washer. Who would like a nice warm pack to warm the bed on those frigid January nights? The boys each got to pick out their own print. Tyler helped me match up buttons. He requested the gold buttons special for his penguins. He is such a funny kid. :-)

I am actually excited for 2010. After a very rough year with 2009 it feels like everything will turn around for us this year. It just feels good. Robin has even gotten a much better attitude since the New Year. It was getting really hard to hear a continuous stream of rejection when job hunting. I am not sure what caused the change but I'm liking it. He has made a big effort to fix something as soon as he knows it needs attention. He is upbeat and positive. He just genuinely has been in a good mood. It is rather refreshing.

We have learned a lot during this trial though. I have learned the art of frugality. I have learned that we truly can live on less. I have learned to enjoy the simple things. I have also learned to focus on what really matters. Sometimes we fill life with so many extras that we forget the basics. There can be positive things come out of every trial.

We have lots to look forward to this year as well. Keegan turns 8! He is excited to be baptised. He also gets to start scouts. We will be starting soccer again soon. The boys love this and Tyler gets to start this year as well. I tried to get one of the boys to play fall soccer so that we wouldn't be chasing after 3 teams but they didn't want to. After 6 weeks we are ready to be done with soccer but it is always fun and the boys have a great time. It will also give Keegan another opportunity to improve his social skills. He gets better every year. This is just the activity he needs to learn better social skills and cooperation. Matthew will be starting speech therapy. Right now he jabbers but no words actually come out. He is getting pretty good at signing. We only know a few but he uses them correctly and often. He even had the lady at the deli convinced he knew sign. It was a proud moment for mom.

Looking back....this time last year I knew 2009 would be tough but never though it would be this way for US. Now looking ahead I feel confident in the coming months. This will be a good year, I can just feel it. I don't know what we will be doing this time next year or even where we will be but I do know we will be together and together we will be better for all that we have endured. Our family will be stronger and closer together for it all.

Anyway, just some ramblings. Back on track. Keep watching for more crafty ideas coming up. I have several Valentine ideas in the works too. Plus I plan on adding my 365 pages to view.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 2 of 52

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Robin originally cut these blocks for me to make "Believe" blocks but Christmas is over and Valentines is here. I don't have any decor for Valentines but thought it would be fun to have something on the piano. They are just 2x4 blocks painted. Then I modge podged the paper on. I used my cricuit to cut the letters out and covered them with glitter then glued them on. I sprayed it wil sealer to help the glitter stay in place when stored. I love how they turned out. The "O" has an orange tint which I am not sure why but oh well. I like them. I got the idea from "Real Deals". I thought they closed in Idaho Falls but turns out they just moved. They are kinda northwest from Sonic on Yellowstone. They had several block type decor items. It is a great store. I am searching for inspiration on how to decorate my family room but so far have come up with nada. My ideas tend to be too far out of our price range. I will keep searching. In the meantime, I have several other V-day ideas to do to. I think my weekly project idea is going to work out well for me. I see lots of great ideas and think "I can do that" but then I get overwhelmed and am never sure where to start. Now I have a way of pacing my self sort to speak. Next month I am planning on painting my laundry room. I found a room that I love. Check it out here. What do you think? I showed Robin and he liked it too. Ours will have oak cabinets though, to match the vanity. Robin is giving up on me and going to bed guess I'd better be off too. I should be wiped out from working last night but I feel like I have my second wind or else my brain just won't stop......
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 1 of 52; Washer Necklaces

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My first project was these washer necklaces. They were really easy to make and fun. Check out the tutorial on "Little Birdie Secrets". I had most of the supplies on hand already and what I had to buy was not pricey at all. I made several different ones. I will have birthday presents and teacher gifts on hand for those unexpected's. Always a good idea. I don't know about you but things and DATES have a tendency to sneak up on me. I have been saved numerous times by having little extras on hand- just in case! ;-) What do you think?
I have to say though, I could not do half of what I do without a great guy in my life. Robin is quick to let me have "me" time and very supportive of my crafting and other projects. I love him and HE LOVES ME! How lucky am I?!
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Valentines gifts

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One more thought for tonight. Stock up on mini candy canes to use for valentines. There are several tutorials on line for ideas. I plan on making them into a heart, filling with almond bark and dusting with red sprinkles. You can also make them into suckers or use as a cupcake topper. Great ideas and cheap candy but you have to grab 'em now. Walmart had them for $0.75 the other day. They were back by the garden section. Check out the tutorial here (thanks to Little Birdie Secrets for linking this).
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Project 365

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Just what I needed was ANOTHER project right? Well, I really liked this and thought I could do it. I already take oodles of photos and love to scrapbook. I started digital scrap booking last year and LOVE IT! It is so much faster than hands on. And since I don't like clutter and messy stuff this fits my style much better. I can find my papers and embellishments without scattering supplies all over the table. I still us my paper supplies just on other projects. With project 365 you take a picture everyday. It can be of anything not just people. Just anything that marks that day. Then scrap it. I came across a designer that has made a quick page kit. All I have to do is snap and slip the pictures into place. You can do more embellishing if you want but I like simplicity so I am going with her premade pages. Check it out at Weeds and Wildflower Designs. The hardest part will be remembering to take a picture EVERY DAY! You will have to keep me going come June and I am spending more time in the garden and outside with the boys. I am hoping to revamp my blog a bit to include each weeks layout but I have to learn how to do this first. Keep watching.......
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72 hour kits

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PYP had a discussion here about 72 hour kits. I liked how one lady had broken each meal down and had light weight simple meal ideas so we copied her idea. I don't come up with many of my own ideas but I am good at copying/benefiting from someone elses ideas. Her blog "Prepare Every Needful Thing" was a great resource. I had to do some shopping first though. Before we have had a lot of dry food that needed to be reconstituted or heavy cans of chili and stuff. As our family has grown we also had an increasing problem with portability. We wanted to go to just backpacks type of a system. Easy to carry if needed. We gathered enough backpacks for each family member and sorted through clothes and hygiene items a few weeks ago. Hopefully Matthew will be older if we ever need them ;-p. I will be glad when we can cross diapers off the packing list. They take up a lot of room. I guess the smaller size clothes make up the difference.
Tonight we gathered the food I had gotten. We placed each day's meal in a ziplock bag labeled with the menu for that day. The boys were helpful- except Matthew, he more closely resembled a tornado but dad had the job of redirecting, he, he, he! Even Tyler got each item in the correct bag without help or being told several times. I have to say I was impressed. I have a couple more food items to get. Main courses are the most difficult. What do you get that doesn't need to be cooked per-se but that is also portable. Since I am used to buy in bulk or making it from scratch I had to think and search a bit more. Still, the suggestions from Every Needful Thing helped. How about you? What do you do that works well? We have just about everything we need in 6 backpacks sitting on a shelf (or soon to be) down stairs. Just grab and go. We will be perfectly set if we can take our camping gear. Guess that's an added benefit of enjoying outdoor activities. You have most of the supplies you need in an emergency already.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

52 projects in 52 weeks!

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After blog surfing, I find myself overwhelmed with projects I want to do. Then last night I surfed home decor blogs. Holy Cow! I always get an itching to redecorate/organize etc in the spring but now I have the fever something terrible. My solution is to do 1 project a week. It may be home decor, scrapping, sewing, crafting or even scouting but each week I will have one and will post for everyone to see. You will have to let me know what you think too, especially on my room decor projects. When we first bought our house the white walls and high ceilings were refreshing but now I am ready for some color. I am hoping to do my kitchen, bedroom, and laundry room. I have done all the boys room so now it's my turn. I am also hoping to apply all the thrift decor tips I am finding.

I am actually looking forward to 2010. 2009 was a rough year for us. Robin is still searching for a job, but I am confident that as the new year gets started he will find something that will make all of this be a blessing in desguise. Several company's have promised increased possibilities after the first of the year. I don't think anyone wanted to deal with new hires during the holidays.

I plan on applying for a Charge Nurse position once it is officially posted at the hospital. My boss was thrilled when I told her I was interested. They had an opening a few months ago but it wasn't right. I wasn't looking for it this time round either but nothing else felt right. I think the Lord is watching out for us and opening doors to help us meet our goals both for personal and financial growth. I am hopeful. I like bedside care but I am not challenged. As I have thought about my professional goals for 2010 I think this is the way that I will reach those goals. I am a bit nervous though. When I fill in charging now I am really challenged. I was a charge nurse in Pocatello but I have grown a lot since then. A bit more experience always helps too. I think I am looked to as a leader on the floor already so I hope to be able to make a difference....We shall see.

We are hoping to get back on track with some of our goals and work towards taking the boys to Disneyland in 2011. I think we can do it!

Now I'm off to start my first project. Check back to see what I have created! I am really getting excited for this.
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Retail Therapy

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It has to be in the hormones or perhaps the genes, but I really enjoy shopping especially clearance deals! After all what woman doesn't feel better with a new outfit? My darling husband nearly demanded that I buy myself a new outfit. He is taking me out tonight- yeah, a date with no children!- so he said to get myself something new. We had a little extra and so I hit the after Christmas clearances! Ahhhh, I feel good. I was able to find a NICE pair of well fitting jeans without paying a ginormous amount. Jeans are so tough to find. It's hard to find tall sizes and the average seem to be an inch too short. I was also in serious need of a couple of blouses. I found a couple that are great. It just makes you feel good to have on nice fitting and looking clothes. I definantly am feeling the high of this retail therapy treatment. I am also learning or relearning the art of accessorizing! I got out of wearing much jewelery to the point that Robin thought I didn't like it. I just preferred to not have it pulled on and broken or my ear lobe yanked off. But now, I am loving it. I got a necklace, earrings, a scarf and supplies to make a washer necklace!

The clearance deals get even better. We stopped at Deseret Book to grab a daily scripture for the Old Testament. Next door, Bed Bath & Beyond was having a clearance. Washclothes for $0.25! Yep! just a quarter. Ratty, old, rough, face scratchers OUT! Soft, plush, new washclothes IN! I don't know about your house but bathtime usually means water ALLL over the floor. Plus with boys, toilet misses are a ongoing problem. Have you noticed after washing a bath rug several time the rubber backing comes apart? Well my solution is a bath mat. $2.50 at BB&B! Yep, I got several of those. They are like a double layered towel so easy peasy to mop up and toss in the wash. They have an outdoor "Countdown to Christmas" decor piece that I am hoping to snatch when they have 75% off Christmas. Right now it is only 50% off. It was great. Digital clock and lights to count down days, hours, minute, and seconds to Christmas. Perfect for our house.....Keeping my fingers crossed for 75% off.......

Then we hit Walmart. I tried to avoid it really but......Jeans for Keegan, ink cartridges, milk, my scarf AND $0.75 wrapping paper! The big long rolls with 50+ feet in them! I was surprised they had any left but we snatched several rolls. We were nearly (like 4 partial rolls left) so I have been stocking up. The were all character prints too! A couple of the prints will work great for birthdays too. Transformers and Dora. Can't beat that. I also can't imagine paying full price for wrapping paper! $9 for a roll is ridiculous! We also scored Grandmas Christmas present for next year. We talked about getting her this for this year but opted for something else so when we saw the deal had to snatch that one up. Sorry Grandma, you won't be getting any sneak peaks though.

Dollar Tree didn't have much other than candy left on Christmas clearance. If you are in need of storage containers- Lowes has the best price I have seen. We have been to Fred Meyers, Shopko, Walmart and Lowes. Home Depot was not even an option based on their ad prices. HTH.

Overall, a wonderful shopping- uh Retail Therapy session. :-)
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