Sunday, January 3, 2010

72 hour kits

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PYP had a discussion here about 72 hour kits. I liked how one lady had broken each meal down and had light weight simple meal ideas so we copied her idea. I don't come up with many of my own ideas but I am good at copying/benefiting from someone elses ideas. Her blog "Prepare Every Needful Thing" was a great resource. I had to do some shopping first though. Before we have had a lot of dry food that needed to be reconstituted or heavy cans of chili and stuff. As our family has grown we also had an increasing problem with portability. We wanted to go to just backpacks type of a system. Easy to carry if needed. We gathered enough backpacks for each family member and sorted through clothes and hygiene items a few weeks ago. Hopefully Matthew will be older if we ever need them ;-p. I will be glad when we can cross diapers off the packing list. They take up a lot of room. I guess the smaller size clothes make up the difference.
Tonight we gathered the food I had gotten. We placed each day's meal in a ziplock bag labeled with the menu for that day. The boys were helpful- except Matthew, he more closely resembled a tornado but dad had the job of redirecting, he, he, he! Even Tyler got each item in the correct bag without help or being told several times. I have to say I was impressed. I have a couple more food items to get. Main courses are the most difficult. What do you get that doesn't need to be cooked per-se but that is also portable. Since I am used to buy in bulk or making it from scratch I had to think and search a bit more. Still, the suggestions from Every Needful Thing helped. How about you? What do you do that works well? We have just about everything we need in 6 backpacks sitting on a shelf (or soon to be) down stairs. Just grab and go. We will be perfectly set if we can take our camping gear. Guess that's an added benefit of enjoying outdoor activities. You have most of the supplies you need in an emergency already.
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