Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 4 of 52: Button Valentines

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Grab a bag of bulk buttons, a piece of scrapbook paper, ribbon, a canvas frame and don't forget the glue and you're set to go. What do you think.
Here is the step by step:
I used a 10x10 canvas square, scrapbook paper I had on hand, mod podge from my supplies, buttons bulk from Porters for $1 and glue dots.
Cut the paper to fit. Then cover the canvas with mod podge and put the paper in place.
Make sure it is stuck down well. Flip the canvas over and press smooth from the back also helps to get all the bubbles out.
I just spread a few out to get the shape right then started glueing. I started out using glue dots but there were a lot of buttons so I pulled out the glue gun.
While the bread baked I glued buttons and more buttons and more buttons but...
It turned out great. Add a ribbon and...
Another great Valentine decor.

Matthew started speech therapy on Friday. He was talking at 12 months but this last summer he stopped. Now he says less than 5 words. His hearing is fine so now we start learning how to help him speak. One idea the S.T. gave us was making a book of each letter. So today we had the boys help by bringing toys that start with the letters B, D, and M. I just need to scrap them into a book with the name of each item. On the other side will have the sign for the word. It was fun and hopefully will help Matthew. It is just nice to have a way to help him. One day I may find myself telling him to STOP talking. LOL.
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  1. You go girl!! Jessica wants to bow down to the crafting goddess!

  2. I love your button heart! So sweet!


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