Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 7 of 52: CTR towel

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This is a project I found on Made With Love and Glue. I had planned to make on for Keegan's baptism but my niece's is coming up so I made hers first. I guess I will have to buy another towel for Keegan's but that's ok. I love it. I couldn't decide between red and bright pink, red is my favorite so maybe that's why I chose it. What do you think? It was soooo simple. I didn't have sitch witchery but still worked out ok. I think this would just make it easier to sew on without worrying about the fabric moving. The other day I pulled out my box of scraps which I haven't looked through for a while. It was like Christmas all over again. I had forgotten about some of the great scraps I have. With all the fun projects I am finding in blogland I may not have to go to the fabric store again for a while.....Nahhh, I'll still check it out once in a while.

Our ward is working on school bags and hygiene kits for the humanitarian drive. I plan on making several of the bags. Hopefully, I will get some made this week. I'm thinking I can make several from what fabric I already have. We will see. I also hope to get some organizing done in my craft area. It is suppose to be cold! the next few days so once again, I'll take advantage of the frigid winter time and staying indoors.

I work tonight and tomarrow night, which means sleeping all day tomarrow but Wednesday should be a good day. It's been a rough day today and yesterday, details are soooo not worth it. I am thankful for a loving husband tonight especially. One that loves me for ME- taking the good with the bad, No Judging Just Loving! *sigh*

The school was on lockdown today for about 40 minutes because of an armed robbery in town. Kinda scary but the boys were ok with it. We talked about it at dinner. Danger doesn't bother them. They trust their teachers and enjoy being able to "download" at dinner time. I guess that is why small things make such a difference in our kids lives. They don't sweat the small stuff. They know they have security at home. I can't imagine what life would be like if we didn't have "the small things". Funny how we always return to the basics eh!
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  1. Oooooooh! I want these directions! What a fun project. And you HAVE been a busy girl! I can't wait to see what other great projects you have in store for the year! Hope today looks brighter and know that I love you lots. Really. And just the way you are.


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