Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 6 of 52: suit of armour

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I had planned on making this for Christmas but didn't get it done. I collected can lids (the ones without sharp edges) and juice lids to make these for the boys. Robin pounded the holes and sanded the rough edges off. Then I just laces jute rope through the holes and Robin spray painted it gold. Voila!! Ours will be the safest street in the neighborhood! Knights in shining armour on brigade!

I think I have been on a roll lately. All these projects are fun. I am taking advantage of the season. No yard work, no gardening and the boys are still in school. Yesterday we worked really hard and cleaned the whole house nearly spotless. We do have a 1 1/2 yr old after all. It was nice to wake up to organization and clean this am. Now if we can just keep it this way for a few days Mom will be happy! Yes, I am a dreamer.

I have a couple of bigger projects I am hoping to get to this coming week. We have a saucer chair that has a cover tearing out. Tyler keeps trying to sneek it back upstairs to use. I found a tutorial at makeitandloveit on recovering this. I bought the new fabric a week or so ago. I think it's time to do this for him. Also in the works for the near future: Valentines Day Chairbacker mailbox, Wet bag (for Keegan's baptism), CTR towel. I told Robin I was hoping to get some sewing time in this next week. He is always so good to let me have that time. It makes me happy and I guess a happy wife is his reward. In any case he is great!

I have been getting my 365 pages done. They are in the slide on the side. I also did some quick pages the other night. I need to get going on more scrapbook pages so that I don't fall even further behind. I made up several quick pages from Christmas kits I downloaded so now I just need to insert the pictures.

Other projects on my list: Apple topiary, Laundry room redo, Large family photo to go above the fireplace, scrapbook pages!!, throw pillow covers, letter "J" monogram, white board from a picture frame, and some wood projects from knockoffwood.blogspot for the family room. Hopefully I can find some great deals to get what I need for the bigger projects. Joann's had 50% of the clearance price on some of their fabric. I will have to watch for the Valentine fabric to get marked down for the mailboxes. I am getting really good at looking around the house and at my craft supplies to see what I can do. The challenge is to keep it all organized.

What do you do when you have your fingers in lots and lots and lots of projects? And all different type of projects. I am still trying to figure this out. Slowly my craft area is getting better organized. I am needing some bigger bins for fabric next. I hope to sort scraps by color. There is always something to do but since we don't have t.v. and it's snowing......

Matthew had another day of speech therapy today. I told Robin afterwards it would be easy to say, "but you didn't do anything. You just PLAYED with him" but for kids PLAY is learning. The trick is repitition. Getting Matthew to say the same sound or intonation and build on that. He is getting it. Perhaps that is the job Robin should get. Speech therapy for kids. You get to sit on the floor and play with toys all day! ;-) He is just a big kid afterall. I think the S.T. likes it when Robin is there cuz he says things and does things that are exactly what Matthew needs. Robin just 'gets it'!

Robin is training to do financial planning. He is quite excited. He is still looking for a job but in the meantime he is learning new skills that have great potential. I think this could really take off for him. It is amazing how much of a difference owning the phrase "at work" can make. He has more direction for his efforts and something to pour himself into. I am such a lucky lady. I have a hard working husband who loves me and wants to do everything he can for his family. This economy is tough and has dealt some nasty hands but I am thankful for the love of my life! 2010 is going to be a great year. I can just feel it!
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  1. I'm so glad things are going well for you guys! I love the projects you've done and all of your ideas! I'm jealous though. All my projects are on hold for a while because Andy fell in the parking lot at work last night, and broke his knee cap in four places (you would have loved to see the x-rays; PA said he's never seen anything like it). He's in a knee immobilizer and we go to the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. Surgery will be Thursday or Friday. So I will be mom and dad for the next little while. Sigh, I guess when it rains it pours at my house!


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