Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pinewood Derby Certificate Printable

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It's that time of year again.
The ultimate pack meeting that every cub scout looks forward to all year long. 
Okay! It's also got the dads all in a mess as well. 
It's always so fun to watch what the boys come up with and the creativity and personality that shows through in their cars. 
I also smirk at the dads. We have a couple who are wonderful dads and great examples to my own boys. They are also just a TAD BIT competetive. My dear husband noticed an ever so slight fist pump by the most reserved, quiet man I know. Yep, even THAT dad couldn't hold back his anticipation and excitment at seeing HIS boys car cross the line in first place. 
We are blessed to have healthy competition that doesn't get out of line. It's a great evening for everyone. 
For a scout's also a TON of work! The payoff comes in the boys faces lighting up. I just LOVE it!!
This year I am not a cub scout leader *sniff* but I had a request for some of the certificates I have previously done. So I did a little editing so that you can print one for your little pack and hopefully save you a little time and headache. 
 Here is my original post when we used this certificate. It was a couple of years ago. So fun to look through those old pictures.
You can download it 2 ways. Just click on the link you want:
And the pit pass. Just print it and make the copies you need. I laminated mine and made lanyards for all the boys. They absolutely LOVED it!
Here are the links for the pit pass:
Have fun!!
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