Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to make an Easle

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I needed a way to display information to the girls during camp. After going up for pre-camp clean up I realized there were not many trees to hang signs from. There were plenty of trees, just not in the right spot for signs. So I set out to make my own. I mean, how hard can an easle be to make right!?!
Here's what I did:
Supplies: 1x4x8 boards (I think I got 3)
Gorilla glue
screws 2" I think
 Corner brackets
spray paint
I wanted this to be about 5 feet tall. I wanted it to be a focal point in our camp. Something everyone would see easily. I cut 2 1x4 boards 5 feet. The cross boards are 16 3/4 inches. I found the easiest way to mark the small boards was to lay them across and mark from inside of one long board to the inside of the other board.
Then use gorilla glue or wood glue to secure it to the hardboard. We clamped each board and let it dry over night to be sure it was secure. 
After gluing each side we put the corner brackets on. I wanted added support at each corner so as it gets tugged on it won't split at the weak corners.
My sweet hubby wanted to surprise me and helped to finish it from here so I missed some pictures, but I was so thankful for his help. He used basic hinges secured to the top so that it would fold flat. 
Then I got to paint it. A bright Krylon Turquoise worked well. I used a whole can but had great coverage.
I didn't bother spray painting the outside of the hardboard. Instead I used my chalkboard paint for it. You just paint the chalkboard on, wait for it to cure a couple of days then rub chalk over the whole thing to prep the board. Each time we use it it wipes off easier but at first it doesn't wipe off well.
One side was for writing notes.....
I screwed decorative clips to the other side to hold our menu and schedule for each day.
I love how it turned out. I wanted to put a chain across the side to prevent it from slipping but it's heavy enough we didn't have that problem. I also thought about a tray for the chalk but didn't get that done. Being relatively flat made it travel nicely packed in the pickup. 
Now I have something to help with scouts and PTA events. I see this little beauty getting A LOT of use!
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