Monday, August 25, 2014

Alec Baldwin's official approval

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My sweet hubby had a fantastic time at Comic Con this spring. This is pure heaven for any true blue nerd/geek. He had asked me back in December to make him a Jayne Cobb hat.
"A what!?" I asked.
How well he knows me. He had already found some pins and patterns for me to use. Gotta love that man. He didn't have to beg too much, just enough to make me smile. Anyway, I crocheted one for him. I thought it turned out great but only when we got the official Seal of Approval from Alec Baldwin did I hit the home run. Several other guys were dressed as Jayne Cobb with hats purchased online. Both Alec and Nathan Finnion commented to my sweet hubby specifically "nice hat!" They both said how much they liked it and asked about where he got it. He proudly informed them his wife had made it. 
He had several other guys ask if I could make them one. His response, "I don't think so."
 Yeah, only made with extra love for a special guy! Throughout the day he regularly had people comment on his hat. He even won a $30 photo voucher because of it. He was thrilled. 
This was his photo op with Alec Baldwin. He had it all planned out what to do. He got up there, handed Alec his other gun to which Alec said, "back to back?". 
"Back to back"!
Just like a kid in a candy store.
Here is the pattern I based mine off of. I made some adjustments but this was my favorite pattern. I wish I could knit but that is one thing I don't do. 
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