Sunday, August 24, 2014

Girls Camp Handouts

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Project 15 of 52
Life has gotten crazy and doesn't seem to ever slow down. I love staying busy, really it's a coping skill for my sanity, but I have encountered whole new levels of "busy"! My family is growing so fast and there is never enough of me to go around. Because of all this, I have had to let my blog go. In the back of my mind I often think I need to add to this blog. I enjoy looking back at my ideas and projects but really couldn't find the time to compose and share anything. I have taken pictures of many of my projects but they sit waiting to be edited and posted.I had almost decided to just let this blog go. I didn't have the time- that old 4-lettered word.....

....That is until lately. I have had repeated comments and references to my blog. Tonight some friends were looking through my blog after I shared some of my craft and decor ideas with them. I seldom come up with a totally new idea but it was fun to look back through all that I have done. It was a stroll down memory lane. Combined with a few other reminders I decided it was time to get things updated. Perhaps it is more for me than anyone else. Either way, this blog, I've decided, is my way of leaving a mark. It is my place to share and vent and journal and download all that is in my mind and heart. One day my boys will look back and see, perhaps, a glimpse of my thoughts. Besides, it makes me smile to see what I can accomplish over the years.

So with no further adieu here are some of my summer projects.
Remember girls camp?
Yeah our 11 hour adventure?
These are the handouts I made for each of the girls. Print them off and feel free to use them for your own girls.

Our princess was Cinderella. Each day I wanted to highlight the transition she made from servant to princess.
Day 1 they (would have) received a bandana with this quote:

"Rise above the dust of the world. Know that you are daughters of God and that there is for you a great work to be done which cannot be left to others" Gordon B. Hinckley
Day 2 they (would have) received a "glass" slipper filled with skittles. 
 Here is the quote to go with this..."Never look back. If Cinderella had gone back to get her shoe, she never would have become a Princess"
Day 3 they (would have) received a crown.  Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of this but here is the quote.
"CS Lewis once said that if we could recognize who we were, we would realize that we were walking with possible Gods & Goddesses whom, if we could see them in all their eternal dignity and glory we would be tempted to fall down and worship. Because this is true, we need to think more highly of ourselves and we need to think more highly of each other" Jeffrey R. Holland
I love CS Lewis. I would love to have met him. It amazes me how inspired he was.
Click on each of the quote pictures to go to drop box and download them.
I will be back soon with more fun things from our camp adventure.

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