Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Girls Camp: Testimony Tissues printable

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Girls camp is coming up...FAST!
I think I am about ready. I have been working on so many projects for it but want them to be a surprise. Many of my girls follow me on Pinterest, FB, and also know about my blog. That means I have had to wait to post most of my goodies in order to keep it a surprise. Never fear though! The rest of summer will be filled with lots of ideas and projects. The gals at work think I am utterly mad (secretly, I am just this side of mad) and wonder how I get it all done. I just can't sit still long enough to wonder myself. It has been so fun to do girly things although I still love my cub scouts. 
I am one that always needs tissues. Allergies consume me nearly everyday, year round, but these tissues are for testimony meeting. I found this quote and thought it perfect to set the tone. I plan on passing them out the evening before testimony meeting. 
And I have made simple printables for you too. I used Avery 2x4 label stickers. Just print them out and stick them on. It's a great little something to do while you visit with friends or family. My mother in law helped me with these while we visited. I loved it! It's great to get some girl time to talk but I have to keep my hands busy so assembling something simple is a double win for me.
Download 4share HERE or click on the picture.
Or for dropbox download HERE
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