Monday, January 18, 2010

Falling bread.....

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My last several loaves of bread have fallen on me. I tried putting them on the counter rather than on the edge. I didn't try setting them on the floor to keep them from falling cuz Matthew would have way too much fun! LOL- no really it's been a problem. Well I went back to the basics. I had tried to make a few adjustments- just experimenting- so I pulled out the recipe and measured everything exactly. The results.....
Flat bread! UGH! Thankfully we have the internet and I can search an endless amount of topics. Turns out (I think) that I am letting it over rise. It's either that or my bread is too moist. Perhaps a bit of both. I am suppose to take bread to work tonight for potluck. With my 4th batch since last night just finishing I am not sure I want to make another.... We go through about 6 loaves a week and with taking a couple to work I guess it wouldn't hurt. The 2 loaves that just finished are better. I guess the lesson learned here is to watch the bread and not just the timer! Ahh, the dangers of multitasking! At least the boys are not picky eaters. They are just constant eaters. lol. So it's sandwiches for lunches this week. They may like that after all- no leftovers in their lunchbox. Ever had a repeating mishap from multitasking? Please let me know I'm not alone!
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  1. Don't feel bad; it happens to everyone. I made a batch last week and it was a disaster. I don't know what happened, but most of it ended up on the bottom of the oven! Tasted good, though. LOL! No Betty Crocker merit badge for me!!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up for and $39dollarglasses. The best part about Costco eye exams is that the Rx is good for two years and they include the prescription on your invoice! I am definitely getting a second pair of glasses this time. Just have to wait a little bit, I spent this two weeks grocery budget on glasses. Looks like we will be eating lots of beans at our house!


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