Friday, January 1, 2010

Retail Therapy

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It has to be in the hormones or perhaps the genes, but I really enjoy shopping especially clearance deals! After all what woman doesn't feel better with a new outfit? My darling husband nearly demanded that I buy myself a new outfit. He is taking me out tonight- yeah, a date with no children!- so he said to get myself something new. We had a little extra and so I hit the after Christmas clearances! Ahhhh, I feel good. I was able to find a NICE pair of well fitting jeans without paying a ginormous amount. Jeans are so tough to find. It's hard to find tall sizes and the average seem to be an inch too short. I was also in serious need of a couple of blouses. I found a couple that are great. It just makes you feel good to have on nice fitting and looking clothes. I definantly am feeling the high of this retail therapy treatment. I am also learning or relearning the art of accessorizing! I got out of wearing much jewelery to the point that Robin thought I didn't like it. I just preferred to not have it pulled on and broken or my ear lobe yanked off. But now, I am loving it. I got a necklace, earrings, a scarf and supplies to make a washer necklace!

The clearance deals get even better. We stopped at Deseret Book to grab a daily scripture for the Old Testament. Next door, Bed Bath & Beyond was having a clearance. Washclothes for $0.25! Yep! just a quarter. Ratty, old, rough, face scratchers OUT! Soft, plush, new washclothes IN! I don't know about your house but bathtime usually means water ALLL over the floor. Plus with boys, toilet misses are a ongoing problem. Have you noticed after washing a bath rug several time the rubber backing comes apart? Well my solution is a bath mat. $2.50 at BB&B! Yep, I got several of those. They are like a double layered towel so easy peasy to mop up and toss in the wash. They have an outdoor "Countdown to Christmas" decor piece that I am hoping to snatch when they have 75% off Christmas. Right now it is only 50% off. It was great. Digital clock and lights to count down days, hours, minute, and seconds to Christmas. Perfect for our house.....Keeping my fingers crossed for 75% off.......

Then we hit Walmart. I tried to avoid it really but......Jeans for Keegan, ink cartridges, milk, my scarf AND $0.75 wrapping paper! The big long rolls with 50+ feet in them! I was surprised they had any left but we snatched several rolls. We were nearly (like 4 partial rolls left) so I have been stocking up. The were all character prints too! A couple of the prints will work great for birthdays too. Transformers and Dora. Can't beat that. I also can't imagine paying full price for wrapping paper! $9 for a roll is ridiculous! We also scored Grandmas Christmas present for next year. We talked about getting her this for this year but opted for something else so when we saw the deal had to snatch that one up. Sorry Grandma, you won't be getting any sneak peaks though.

Dollar Tree didn't have much other than candy left on Christmas clearance. If you are in need of storage containers- Lowes has the best price I have seen. We have been to Fred Meyers, Shopko, Walmart and Lowes. Home Depot was not even an option based on their ad prices. HTH.

Overall, a wonderful shopping- uh Retail Therapy session. :-)
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