Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 8 of 52: Jute wrapped cans

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I found this idea on Brown Paper Packages . They were really easy, inexpensive, and green. Nothing beats trash to treasures. I think I will give these to a coworker who gave me the can lids and the empty cans. I think she will like them and enjoy them.

I am excited to go shopping tomorrow. Smiths and Albertsons are having great sales this week. But I will also be going to Lowes. I have found Knockoffwood.blogspot. What a great site! Ana makes simple blueprints for great furniture and gives instructions that even a gal like me can follow. My favorite part is that I can build these pieces in stages which really helps on the budget. And since I have the plans I don't have to worry about the style being discontinued or out of stock. I plan on doing pieces of the Cameron Collection for our family room. I hate having DVD's, Wii games, VHS's and toys all over. They contrast my desire for nice organization and clean lines. We are going to start with the cubby and draw and build from there. Then hopefully the movies and toys will be more neat and tidy. Plus I am drawn to the simetry of the plans. Maybe this year I will get my family room in line and really be able to enjoy it....

I also have plans to build pieces from the Logan collection for my crafty area. Once again I look forward to having supplies closed up in cupboards and drawer. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" definantly describes me. The cherry on top is that I can do these projects on our current budget! No breaking the bank. Yeah, otherwise I would never get it done.

I am also searching for ideas for our bedroom redo later this year. The challenge of maintaining budget has really sparked my creativity as I search for severely frugal home decor. Dear SIL is the queen with this topic but I'm learning. I usually know what I like I just have to find a way to do it on a budget.

With all this in mind, hopefully I will get the wood to do my first piece. Wish me luck and I will post pictures when I get it done.

I have worked the last 5 of 6 days and I have to work again tomorrow night. Doesn't sound like a lot until I tell you these are 12 hour night shifts. UGH! I feel like I have lived at the hospital this week. Today I was really dragging. The weather was very cold and dreary too which doesn't help to wake you up or motivate you. Thankfully Robin has done an incredible job of keeping up with the housework. Needless to say I am WIPED OUT! Working so many days in a row has made it difficult to remember my project 365 and take a picture every day. I missed a couple but I think I will just use a generic picture. Or perhaps a picture of one of my projects...... On Sunday I usually scrapbook. Check out the slide show for the pages so far this year. I am excited to see it finished. It's gonna be great. I also think that it will help me learn more about picture taking. Maybe I will play with color techniques in PSE this week. How about a week of black and white photos? If I am lucky enough I may find one to use as wall art in the bedroom.......
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