Monday, April 29, 2013


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Frontier Land was one of our favorite spots. The trading post was a great place to trade pins. With 6 of us trading it took a bit to find what each of us wanted. We almost completed a couple of sets too. I almost didn't do the pin trading but am so glad we did. It was fun. We just ordered a set on Ebay, added them to our lanyards, and asked each cast member we saw with pins if they would trade. It was fun to watch the boys looking for their favorites. Their was a wonderful gal in the Trading Post that helped us out. Tyler lost one of his pins just outside the door in the dark. She went to her desk behind the scenes just to get the replacement. She also gave Matthew a pin he really wanted but didn't have any trades left. (You can only trade 2x per day per cast member) She was WONDERFUL. Made the boys smile each day we were there. The cast members at Disneyland are all really great. They go out of their way to make things enjoyable for you.
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