Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rays of Joy...PTA board

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It was time (past time really) to change the PTA board at our school. I have been working 50-60 hrs a week at the hospital but finally got into change the board. It is always fun to hear people comment as I work. They are excited to see what the new board will be. They know when to anticipate the change and take guesses on what the final result will be. Even the kids enjoy the process. The kids I know personally always wave hi in loud whispers. I love it! It fills my bucket each time I do it.

I always try to incorporate our latest activity but this time I wanted to highlight all the activities we have been a part of this year. We really have done some great things. The principle has commented on it, the teachers feel it and the kids are enjoying the rewards of it all. I was amazed at everything myself. I started going back through notes and FB posts and just writing each activity down. It didn't take long before I started to worry that I would have enough room. I originally wanted the sun in the top corner but with all that we had worked together to do I needed more room for more "rays". 
The sun is made of tissue paper. I cut the sheets into 4. It was perfect. I love thinking of ways to make it 3D. 
 The rays have all the activities written on them.

What a great feeling to look back knowing you made a difference! School is wrapping up and the kids are setting out on their field trips. We started with 2 goals: send each class on a field trip and increase the technology in the classrooms. We added tablets, a smart board, and the field trips and so much more!
I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish next year!
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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am shamelessly stealing this idea!


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