Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony

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We have some of the best Cub Scout leaders!! They do an amazing job. My Wolf den leaders put so much into the meetings for the boys. Of course Markay tends to be a big boy himself. The boys love all the activities and fun they have. 

This young man even called his leader at work to let her know he had finished his last requirement for his wolf badge. Love it!
Markay has a wonderful advancement he does for the boys. The first time he did, the room was filled with ooohs and ahhs. It was simply COOL!
Cut open a glow stick (use the larger ones) and drain the liquids in separate jars. During the ceremony explain that if the cub has followed the path of Akela and completed his tasks the jar will glow, proving he is worthy to advance. Turn out the lights and pour the liquids together. The kids just love this! Truth be told, so do the adults.

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  1. I found this blog and post via pinterest and I am really loving this idea. But I have a few questions. When you dump the liquid into the jars they do not light up but when mixed together they do?? I would like to try this ceremony this week. Could you give me a few more details about what he does and how it works? Thanks, Katie

  2. I don't know if my previous comment made it to you or not. So, here I go again. :) I'd love more details on this advancement ceremony too! It looks awesome, I'm a new Cub Master and am hoping to bring something new to the scouts. But I want to do this right. Please let me know. My email,


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