Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carsland and World of Color...wordart freebies

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Have you seen the new Cars ride? Holy Cow! It is awesome. If you haven't just picture riding with McQueen and Sally on their scenic ride and finishing with a race off with Doc! It was so cool. Our boys loved it. We were able to get fast passes the first day so we got to ride it 2 times. Yeah! I think it was one of our favorite parts. If it hadn't been so busy we would have ridden it lots more.
The Fantasmic firework show was one of my personal favorites. Mickey tells his story with water, lights and fire. So stinking awesome! I wanted to go back again our last night but we were so tired my body scream "Nooooo!" It all ended with a parade of characters on the water. No one can do it like Disney eh!

How are your pages coming? I am getting quite a few done. COOL!
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  1. I just wondered why that background isn't transparent they have white backgrounds and you cant use them on scrap pages or anything else unless you have a white background? They are so nice and its a shame
    But THANK YOU for you nice work

    1. Linda, thanks for letting me know the problem. I think I uploaded the wrong file, oops, sorry. Give it a try now. The whole idea is to use it in your scrapbooking right? I rarely use plain white- just gotta have the transparent background. I have been having issues with my laptop so if you find more problems please let me know. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Thank You Shannon they have the transparent background now :) I appreciate you fixing them


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