Monday, April 22, 2013

"I smile because you are my sister..." Wordart

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I may run a house of boys but I grew up in a house of girls. I have 2 sisters and we have so much fun together. I am sure dad felt out numbered (thankfully he had 1 boy). We were country gals so dad made sure we knew where the oil went, which tool was which, how to change a tire and how to work the potatoe fields along side the boys. But we learned how to sew and can and cook from mom. 
We ran through the irrigation water, floated the canals, road our bikes 5 miles to school, made mud pies and built forts. 
Whenever the neighbor boys would pick on us my brother made sure they new HE was the only one allowed to pick on his little sisters. 
Now we still tell each other our secrets and fears. We can chat the night away or sit comfortably in the silence. We yell at each others kids as we do our own. We trade clothes and purses.
As all siblings we have our moments but they are forever stuck with ME as their big sis! I love it!!! No one will ever love you as a sister. No one will ever understand you as well as she does. No one will ever fill your heart the way she does.
I love both my sisters!!
This is for you sis!

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