Monday, July 19, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

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Oh, how I have missed getting my Bountiful Basket. It is a produce co-op that started in Arizona and has spread to Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming. It is run entirely by volunteers. They have enough buying power to get the same prices as major supermarkets but the produce is sooo much fresher. I hate how my produce goes bad in a week. With BB I have had lettuce still be good 3 weeks later! Yep, 3 weeks. I get a large basket filled 50% with vegi's and 50% with fruit for only $15. They also have other stuff you can add to your baskets. This week we got some cranberry granola bars that the boys have loved. They were surprisingly good. We get lots of produce. The weeks I don't get it I still spend $15 or more for much less produce. Check it out! You will love it.
Here is a peak at what we got this week.
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  1. I am totally spoiled with all the fabulous produce we receive each week. I can't believe how long the fruits and veggies stay fresh! I'm jealous, though, we didn't get pineapple in the Idaho baskets:(.

  2. I live in Idaho, I'll have to see if they offer the baskets in Boise.


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