Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 23 of 52: Swing Cushion redo

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For the past couple of years my covers to our patio swing have been more than worn. My parents gave us the swing several years ago for Christmas and we have enjoyed it oh-so-much. I love to sit out reading a book while the boys play in the yard. I don't enjoy however paying $30-$50 a piece for replacement cushions. This was my first attempt at recovering something and as usual I learned a few things. I was looking for just a slip cover type of design but next time I will cut strips for the sides. It will make more seams but I think it will also make a crisper look. I got the fabric at Walmart for about $2/yard. I have enough left over for some pillows too. Overall, I am pleased. Now I need to look into redoing the canopy. Yikes, I'd better see if they have more of the same print......
The before, YUCK! And this picture doesn't show the worst of it. Trust me, wind, sun, heat all work havoc on furniture.
Ah, the after. I wanted to add some buttons but haven't yet. Hmm, not sure I will. Things are pretty basic with boys but functional.
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  1. I did the same thing this year. I used some drapery panels found at a yard sale for $5.00 and recovered the cushions. Ours was so worn and it really spruced it up. Yours looks great.


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