Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My devious conspiracy!

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Robin mentioned going to the drive in to see Eclipse and Letters to Juliet. So my I figured I could take the boys to the pool, get them wiped out, have dinner, put them to bed and put the oldest in charge. So far so good but the moment we got home and relaxed a bit before dinner, this is what I found.....
Yep, he is wiped out alright. Now how long will he sleep? Hopefully not long so that my plan for a quiet evening will still work out. But oh boy, did he have fun at the pool. There is a big area that gradually goes up to 3'5" in a lazy river area. It was perfect for a mom with boys who don't know how to swim. Tyler got so comfortable that he got himself in trouble a bit for chasing after the big boys without waiting for mom. They even had a slide that was just fast enough but not too much so for young kids. Josh was able to take Tyler down it without problems- except for moms panicked heart! I was reminded at the blind love and trust that our children have in us. Matthew and Tyler had no worries with mom there (I can barely swim myself). Matthew clung to me whenever we went around the river with both arms tight. Even if I slipped he had no doubt mom would keep him safe. Tyler was the same way when we went down the slide and he flew out of my arms. I was humbled by the unrestricted trust they showed in me. It made my mommy heart smile. I hope to always live up to that trust.

We stayed for about 3 hours and had a great time the whole time. Chalk one up for the city of Tooele. What a nice indoor pool for families! Deseret Peak is 10 minutes away; it's outside so we will try that one out sometime. Although I have heard it is more money. It was only $7 for mom and 4 boys to get in. You can rent tubes too. Plus swim lessons, yep gonna check into that. It's gettin' better here!
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  1. I remember summers at the pool and counting heads the whole time. It was a relief when all could finally swim.

  2. Too fun! Toelle is sounding better and better all the time. I love your devious plan, too. Hope it worked!

  3. I go nuts with my kids around water. So glad you had one of those Smiling Mommy heart moments.


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