Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life Unscripted.....

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Some of you know about our trampoline excitment; how the wind decided it needed to reside in the street and not the back yard. Of course the best way for the WIND to carry something is in the AIR, which of course means OVER the house. Once again we have an opportunity to count our blessings. Little damage was done to the house. No kiddos hurt. A couple of bent pieces to the tramp but easily replaced. Yep, we are being watched out for still. So tonight I took pictures of the house damage. 
This is just above our back door.
It's incredible how you can see the exact outline of the bar from the tramp. I am still in awe of the whole incident!
It was getting dark so I didn't get pictures of the tramp...ok, okay, I got side tracked and THEN it got dark. Easily done in this house. Besides it is such a beautiful night and OH MY that sunset! We can see a portion of the Great Salt Lake from the back step. The orange glow of the sun setting behind the mountains, projecting over to the lake and the mountains beyond the lake. WOW! Beautiful! It is very quiet here too. Robin and I just sat on the back step talking and planning our backyard. Hopefully we will get that in before the end of summer. The boys are in desperate need of more area to run and roll and play. Especially Matthew. I think we are all missing our toys from IF. 
I am missing my garden, vegis and flowers, and the boys are missing the area to run and play, jump and swing, and build forts under the fort. Tyler has mentioned several times that we need to get a big playhouse like our other one. 
Yeah, that will be next summers project but he is gonna make sure we don't forget! And I doubt it will be quite this big, BUT it WILL have a slide. We were saving for one but never got it. This will be a must this time round. Matthew loves to slide! Of course, I could do without the sandbox undernieth, we'll see if the boys will let me veto that or over rule mom. It does provide hours of no running in and out of the house yelling, "mom I'm hungry" time. Hmmm, gonna have to think about that one! I may have to start planning the yard and my flower gardens to prevent total withdrawl. 
I have made great friends with our neighbor. The Lord is watching out for us both and helping us before we even know we needed it. My list of blessings through this whole ordeal is longer than I could have imagined. From big to little I can't deny that for some CRAZY reason the Lord needs us here in Tooele Utah instead of in our comfort zone in Idaho Falls Idaho.
I have gotten more of our pictures up, fixed the water fountain, finished another project, and got going on my coupons again. I have one more thing to do to my fountain before I re-reveal it. I also got our 4th of July pictures scrapped, you will get to see those on Sunday. For tonight a sneek peek at my next project post....
And I just couldn't leave without a glimps at our tramp legs. It's dark but you get the idea....
Uhmm, those joints are suppose to be straight. No 45deg angles on the legs! I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E!
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  1. Holy Moses! Thank goodness nobody was hurt! I can't wait to see your "plans" for the backyard.
    It looks like life is finally coming together at your house.


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