Friday, July 16, 2010

Fitness Friday

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WOO HOO! I am proud to say despite burgers on the road yesterday I am down another pound. That's a total of 3 pounds! I am focused on long term loss and improved health so I am ok with just a pound or two a week! What is even better is I have a walking partner. Fitness is always more fun with a friend. Kaylyn moved in a week before we did and has had many of the same trials I have. The Lord is watching out for us both. Each night we have been walking the neighborhood. We are getting in a couple of miles each night. We will work to increase that but it is a great start. Plus, I am giving added points for walking up and down hills. We get the muscles working pretty good. And yes, we walk more than we talk! ;-) Feelin' the burn and lovin' it. 
So this last week I almost met my goal. I had planned to walk everyday but missed Sunday and Monday. I am not sure how walking on the days I work will be so I plan to run some stairs on my lunch break. This will be a bit of a challenge cuz my body does NOT want to work out at 2 AM! But even a few trips up and down the stairs will help boost the metabolism. 
I did great on my water consumption. Still need to work on it but much better than I had been doing. 

So for this week my goals are:
Improve water intake- 8 glasses a day minimum
Walk everyday (stairs on work breaks)
Pump weights while walking the neighborhood to improve arm muscle tone.

How are you doing? What goals did you set and did you meet them? Just remember slow and steady wins the race! Come on ladies (cuz I'm not sure of any guys that read this) you can do it. Remember that great body and toned muscles? It's just around the corner.

Ok- actually the thing I love the best is just feeling better. As I drove in the van for 8 hrs yesterday I kept thinking of the blood pooling in my legs. It felt ohhh, so good to move. To use my muscles to get the circulation going. Yes, I am a cardiac nurse through and through. I have seen too many problems from nasty clots, both blood and cholesterol clots. I felt so much better after walking last night.

The other major bonus for me, especially right now, is to just talk! I talk with little boys all day then, as wonderful as his is, another man in the evening. Walking with Kaylyn gives me much needed ladies time! I am so thankful for a husband who is mindful of this and supports me by taking the boys and puting them to bed if needed!

Let me know how things are going for you! Good luck with fitness this week!
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