Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Storage Shelves: Project 26 of 52

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A tribute to my dad....
After being unable to find a set of shelves I liked for my food storage I set out to make my own. I searched the internet. Got an idea of simple shelves to make. "I can SO! do this" I said. I worked on them last night, using 2x4's and plywood we already had.

Then I worked to finish them today.  I even had the older boys helping me during nap time. Oh boy! My dad is going to be soooo proud of his country girl, I thought. Voila! All done, uhmmm. Somethings wrong! Somehow, despite all my careful measuring I still managed to get the shelves crooked. UGH! I was so frustrated I gave up. Instead, I fixed lunch and looked online for some shelves to order. Unable to find anything at a reasonable price I set out to organize (or attempt to) the basement. This is the area where all of our unpacked boxes have been dumped. We have a narrow pathway of boxes waiting to be unpacked. Of course to unpack those boxes I need another couple of rooms finished. I did however have the bookshelves set up. I can now say that my books are out of the boxes.....
We love to read. And yes, we often re-read again each of our books. 
I also managed to repair Matthews train table drawer. I plan to finish setting that up for him tomorrow, complete with his Thomas trains. I was feeling pretty good about everything, except that darn shelf. I worked on grapevine garland I want to hang around my front door.
I searched for any coupon deals for school supplies or clothes.
I went back downstairs, looked at the shelves and turned around. I just don't have the upper body strength to push the screws in while holding everything in place. I didn't know how I could fix them myself. So I went into Josh's room and put up the rest of the insulation in the ceiling.
Then Robin got home. We had dinner and he helped me fix my shelves. Horray! I had been so excited to do this "without my hubby" but once again I needed  him. Gotta love that man! We got the shelves moved into the storage room and OH MY GOSH! I love them! They are great and hold a ton of stuff. Our food storage went from being stored in boxes on the floor.... stacked neatly on our new, self made shelves. Organizing makes me feel so good. It brings order which I tend to thrive on. Robin said, "now I don't have to dig through boxes to find what we need". 
What do you think? I love them.
Thanks to my dad, who taught me to use tools and work with wood. Who knew helping dad build on the house would be useful in my own home. Guess my dad did!
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  1. Great job! I can't believe you did that almost all by yourself, awesome. That's one of my 'cool weather' projects, redoing the pantry/laundry room. Except I'll have hubby build the shelves for me... ;-)

  2. Wow! That is so impressive you made these and are so handy with tools. I'm keeping your shelves in mind when we build our house.


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