Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 20 & 21 of 52: Scripture bags & Easter wreath

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I Made it Monday
I made these for the boys for Easter. The boys each got a new set of scriptures for Easter too. I wasn't sure if Josh would want one mom made plus I ran out of time so I gave him the option of a traditional scripture bag, "like dad's" or one of these. He wants one of these so I am going to be making one more. They were fairly simple to put together and the best part is I already had all of the supplies. They are big enough to hold their doodle tablets as well.
I am excited about how they turned out. The front has pockets for pens and a small notebook. I used the coin pocket from the jeans too. I found the tutorial on The Polka Dot Chair. I think the boys liked them as well. Last night they raced to get their "new scriptures" for reading even though the "old" ones were right by the couch. The goal is that they will learn to mark and search their scriptures then when the get they turn 12 they will get a nice leather set. Whatever will get them reading their scriptures is good for me.

I also made this wreath. Robin commented that he likes wreaths because you can have them for any holiday. I didn't have as much Easter decor as I thought but this was all I got added this year. I have been too busy with other projects and Easter came much faster this year.
I bought the eggs and butterflies from the Dollar Tree. The rest I already had on hand. I even have 6 more eggs that I could make another one. Spanish moss is a MESS! to deal with though. I used spray craft glue. I don't know how else you could get all the bits to stick down. The eggs and butterflies I used my hot glue gun. That is definitely one tool I could not live without. I use my glue gun for everything.
I am nearly done with my hamper redo so be watching for that. Anyone else have great ideas to share? Let me know.

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  1. Very cool! I love the denim! :) Your wreath also turned out great! I love the moss and the butterflies!


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